Elon Musk continued squabbling with the media over the weekend

Last week I wrote about Tesla and Space X owner Elon Musk’s Twitter attack on big media. Here’s a sample of that in case you missed it:

Over the weekend, Musk continued with his plan of creating a new media criticism site called Pravda. He promised it was going to help journalism:

Musk did praise some news outlets including Consumer Reports which recently withheld its recommendation for his Model 3 over poor braking (Consumer Reports gave the Model S its highest rating ever):

Musk also attacked anyone criticizing the idea of public critique of journalists (his idea for Pravda) as having contempt for the public:

Finally, Musk got into a back-and-forth argument with an NBC reporter who wanted him to come visit a newsroom:

But before he signed off, Musk offered a standard claim people on the left often make about corporate control of the media:

Musk was obviously talking about “powerful people” but Ben Collins implied he meant Jewish people. This exchange really does sum up one of the problems with the media, i.e. hacks looking to turn every innocuous statement into racial clickbait.

When I wrote about Musk’s idea last week I said I didn’t think it would work. But even if it won’t work, it’s still instructive how angry many in the media have become at Musk for suggesting they need improvement. They are reacting to his Pravda idea like vampires to garlic. What are they so worried about?

Musk does have one important supporter though:

‘Nuff said.

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