Juanita Broaddrick tweets timeline of her alleged rape by Bill Clinton (40 years ago today)

Today is the 40th anniversary of the day on which Juanita Broaddrick claims she was “brutally raped” by then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton. Earlier today Broaddrick memorialized the day be tweeting a detailed timeline of events.

Based on the comments that follow, it’s clear some people were vocally unhappy with the thread but Broaddrick said most people were kind:

Late last year there was a ripple of reassessment of Bill Clinton among some on the left who suddenly felt it was actually a problem to champion the #MeToo movement after decades of defending Bill. But even those reconsideration pieces were heavily laden with throat clearing caveats and stopped well short of demanding Bill Clinton be shunned in public. Some mentions of this shift seemed to happen only in private conversations which only came to light as a way to create space for attacks on President Trump. Would any of this have happened at all if Hillary had won the election? It’s ultimately unknowable but my guess is that it would not have. Bill was only gently, belatedly thrown under the bus because he wasn’t so useful anymore.

Buzzfeed wrote a piece in 2016 looking closely at Broaddrick’s claims and concluding they seemed credible. But most of the information in that piece wasn’t new. This has been something the left has not wanted to talk about for a very long time. And for most of that time, Broaddrick wasn’t interested in talking about it. But social media has changed things for her and that’s a good thing: