Man shouts at animatronic President Trump because #resistance (Update: Check your privilege, says the shouter)

Plenty of people have mocked President Trump’s penchant for adding the word “sad” as commentary at the end of a tweet. But in this case, there’s really no other way to describe this except to say it’s sad. This man went to Disney’s Hall of Presidents and when the animatronic President Trump started to take the oath of office, he began shouting “Lock him up!” He filmed the whole thing, of course, so he could gain admirers among “the resistance.”

The Inquisitr notes this isn’t the first time Malsky has tweeted about this topic:

Maybe it’s a good thing Malsky can’t get close to the real president.

There may be a bit of self-promotion going on here. Jay Malsky is an actor currently promoting a one-man show in New York. His Twitter bio reads, “Come see my solo show Jay Malsky Slept With My Boyfriend at UCB Theatre Hells Kitchen!” Um…no thanks, Jay, I’ll pass. I am curious if he traveled all the way from New York to Florida just for this stunt.

Because the lights are down in the theater, you can’t really see who else is there. You can hear a few people trying to object over the shouting but it’s not clear how most people are reacting. Given that this is Disney World, there were undoubtedly a lot of small children in the room who were watching something their parents wanted them to see (when they’d rather be on a ride). But what should have been a slightly boring, dated family experience was instead turned into something a little frightening when this goon started shouting. I don’t think scaring small children is really a good past time for adults.

No one is going to be scarred for life by this, but what’s the point of shouting at a robot? This is the definition of pointless. But clearly, the resistance has created a market for these stunts. Somewhere in California Robby Strong, the guy who delivered a box of horse poop to Secretary Mnuchin’s neighbor on Christmas Eve, is hoping Jay Malsky hasn’t stolen his spotlight.

For the most part, the right doesn’t engage in this nonsense. This summer a couple people on the right interrupted a performance of Shakespeare in protest. I pointed out at the time that they had adopted the left’s tactics. That was not meant as a compliment. Anyone who acts like this is playing the left’s game, i.e. politicize everything!

One of the best things about the right is that (most) people on this side of the aisle accept that there are things more important in life than politics. That outlook means they can accept an election that doesn’t go their way, something the left clearly struggles with. It also means people on the right don’t feel compelled to make an ass of themselves over something as anodyne as Disney’s Hall of Presidents.

Update: Jay Malsky gave a statement to The Wrap:

“Anyone that’s upset I disrupted a family vacation can check their privilege and consider getting mad about the thousands of children being taken away from their parents because of Trump’s racist immigration policies, or the families of the hundreds of trans Americans murdered each year by transphobic and homophobic people, or the negative impacts of the tax bill on poor and middle-income Americans,” he said.