Terry Crews names person who groped him, offers detailed account of being 'emasculated'

It made news when actor Terry Crews announced on Twitter last month that he had been sexually assaulted at a public event. At the time, Crews gave a general description of what happened but did not name his accuser. In an interview that appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday, Crews identified the person who groped him as Adam Venit, a top executive at the William Morris agency. Crews, who was represented by the same agency, had never met Venit and says he was looking forward to meeting him for the first time at the February 2016 party.

“He looked me in my eyes and he was sticking his tongue out overtly sexually to me,” Crews said. He continued, “I mean it was no mistake that this was a sexual type tongue move…and I’m thinking ‘Is this a joke?’ I’m thinking ‘Is this how this guy breaks the ice?’ I don’t understand what this is.

“I reached my hand out and he takes his right hand and, under mine, immediately squeezes, grabs my genitals. I jump back ‘Hey! Hey! Whoa!’ And he jumps back and he still does this tongue stuff and he’s making weird noises and he comes back again and grabs me again! I slapped his hand away, pushed him back more forcefully and I’m like ‘What are you doing?!’

The whole incident took place with Crews’ wife standing next to him. Immediately after the groping, he went to tell Adam Sandler who was also at the party (and was represented by Venit) what had occurred. Sandler hadn’t witnessed the groping and was shocked at what Crews was describing. Later, as Crews was driving home, Sandler called to talk to him about what had happened.

Crews said he got angry enough on the drive home that he wanted to go back but his wife convinced him to keep cool. “I know how close I came to losing it all,” Crews said. He added, “When you get emasculated like that, when I tell you the way he looked at me, the way he giggled, it was one of those things where he was like ‘Hey man, no one’s ever going to believe you.'”

Venit did call Crews to apologize the next day but, as Crews tells it, the apology didn’t sound sincere. Last week TMZ reported that Crews had filed a police report and Crews said at the time he planned to file a lawsuit as well. Venit has been suspended from his job. Summing up his experience, Crews said, “Hollywood doesn’t even get the morals to its own movies.”