DNC chair praises billionaire donor Tom Steyer, won't discuss his push for impeachment

If you had any lingering doubt who is in control of the Democratic Party, DNC Chair Tom Perez’ appearance on ABC’s This Week Sunday should help clear that up.  Asked by host Martha Raddatz about billionaire Tom Steyer’s campaign to impeach the president, Perez praised Steyer’s giving to the Democratic party and refused to say a word against his one man campaign to undo the 2016 election.

“Billionaire Tom Steyer, he’s the single biggest donor to the Democratic Party in the last two election cycles, put millions of dollars behind an ad calling for Trump’s impeachment,” Raddatz said. After showing a clip from the ad, she asked, “Do you support that effort?”

Tom Perez went into a filibuster answer which Raddatz eventually cut off saying, “Do you support what he is saying in that ad? Would you like him to stop doing that?”

Perez replied, “Tom Steyer has a right to do whatever he feels he needs to do.” He continued, “And Tom Steyer invested a lot of money in Virginia and elsewhere and I applaud his efforts in investing in organizing and helping elect Democrats…” From there Steyer tried to go back to talking about the culture of corruption without having answered the question.

“So you’d like to see impeachment efforts?” Raddatz said. Perez replied, “Well, again, I am not talking about impeachment because I’m talking about good jobs for folks…”

This really is a pathetic spectacle. The chair of the semi-socialist party has found a billionaire it won’t criticize. Perez won’t even say that some daylight exists between the Party’s views on impeachment and Steyer’s views. But as we’ve seen for months, there are lots of rank-and-file Democrats who are pushing for impeachment and soon.

As I noted last month, Steyer’s well-funded call for impeachment and the similar calls from backbenchers and cranks on the left seem to be operating with some coordination. Officially, people like Nancy Pelosi and Tom Perez aren’t onboard with that but you have to wonder if they are just happy to have others do the dirty work while they pretend to be the adults in the room. The not-so-hidden secret may be that there are no adults in the room, just Democrats gaming out how to push for impeachment without appearing too eager and thereby creating a backlash. If Tom Perez and Nancy Pelosi suddenly jump onboard this train in six months, I won’t be surprised.

Here’s Perez doing a terrible job tap-dancing around the elephant in the room: