Elizabeth Warren: 'Yes' the Clinton campaign rigged the election against Bernie Sanders

Earlier today Ed highlighted an excerpt from Donna Brazile’s new book in which the former acting chair of the DNC describes discovering evidence that the Clinton campaign was treating the DNC as a wholly-owned subsidiary of her campaign a year before she became the nominee.

This afternoon, CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Senator Elizabeth Warren and asked her about the DNC story. When Tapper asked Warren if she was shocked by the story, she went into a statement about Democratic unity which would require convincing Sanders’ supporters that the party would be fair to them. Tapper brought the question back to Brazile’s claims about Clinton asking, “Very quickly, Senator, do you agree with the notion that it was rigged?” Warren replied, “Yes.”

And this isn’t the only time Warren was asked this today. On PBS News Hour, host Judy Woodruff asked, “Do you think though that what we’re learning from Donna Brazile’s book suggests that the campaign, that what the Democratic National Committee did, meant this election was rigged?” Warren replied, “I think it was.” She continued, “What we have to focus on now as Democrats is, we recognize the process was rigged. And now it is up to Democrats to build a new process, a process that really works and works for everyone.”

It’s worth noting that current DNC chair Tom Perez refused to answer this same question back in February, dodging it twice during a CNN Democratic leadership debate. According to Perez, the whole thing was the result of a lack of transparency, not the result of Hillary gaming the system and taking over the DNC.

Sanders’ former campaign chair Jeffrey Weaver refused to say whether Clinton owed Sanders and his supporters an apology, insisting he was looking to the future instead of the past. That suggests he’s not looking to start a war within the party. Nevertheless, he also said that had Sanders won the nomination (under a more fair process) he would have won the election. That has to be music to the ears to a lot of former Sanders’ supporters who are still angry with Clinton for losing to Donald Trump.

It’s good that the truth is coming out a full year after Wikileaks revealed the process had been corrupt. You can bet your bottom dollar none of this would be happening now if Hillary had won the election.

This story really has a lot in common with the email server story. It was an apparently legal but extremely unethical act designed to game the system in Hillary’s favor. But this time it’s all happening within the party, meaning it will be difficult to write this off as partisan opportunism by outsiders.