If DNC hands Weinstein's donations to Emily's List is the money still tainted?

Under pressure to distance themselves from the fallout of a sexual harassment scandal, some of the many Democrats who have received money from Harvey Weinstein over the years are vowing to give it away.

Some of the Democrats ditching their Weinstein loot are donating to nonprofit groups that help victims of domestic violence. But as you can see in the GOP produced list above, the biggest beneficiary of Weinstein’s largesse has been the Democratic Party. So what does the DNC plan to do about it? They’re going to transfer a small portion of the money to Democrat-aligned political groups. From the Hill:

The DNC has received about $300,000 from Weinstein over the years, federal election records show.

The DNC said it will donate the $30,000 it received from him in the last campaign cycle to EMILY’s List, which supports women candidates that support abortion rights, Emerge America, which recruits and trains Democratic women for office, and Higher Heights, which supports black women running for office.

The DNC said it chose the three groups “because what we need is more women in power, not men like [President] Trump who continue to show us that they lack respect for more than half of America.”

I really can’t improve on Mollie Hemingway’s take on this:

Yes, that’s very much what it is like. But even putting that aside, I have questions about this transaction. Does Emily’s list have a problem taking money from Harvey Weinstein? Because that’s what this donation will be. The DNC is resolving this PR problem by ridding itself of Weinstein’s tainted money. But doesn’t that mean the money Emily’s List and other groups will receive from the DNC is, well, Weinstein’s tainted money?

Put another way, if the money from Harvey is too tainted for the DNC to keep, why is it not too tainted for Emily’s List to accept second-hand? Does the fact that it stopped off at the DNC somehow launder it? How does that work exactly?