Powerful 7.1 earthquake near Mexico City (Update: Death toll rises to 116)

Powerful 7.1 earthquake near Mexico City (Update: Death toll rises to 116)

The USGS says it was a 7.1 magnitude quake located about 75 miles southeast of Mexico City. It’s still too early for any detailed damage assessment but video shared on social media shows the city suffered some major damage including collapsed buildings. This video appears to offer an overview of the city immediately after the quake.



Here’s another clip showing an overview from above:

For the most part, that’s not smoke rising into the air, it’s dust raised by the collapse (or partial collapse) of buildings. Fox News aired this next clip. It shows a facade on one side of this building collapsing and raising a cloud of dust. As you can hear, people watching are terrified:


Another partial collapse:

Here’s another clip showing buildings shaking as the quake hit:

Watch the red building:

Not all of the buildings remained standing. This clip is being widely shared on Twitter:


A collapsed store:

There was also an explosion of some kind:


This clip shows people packed into a hallway during the earthquake:

This apparently comes from a tourist destination in the city:

After the quake most people just stayed in the street:

From Reuters:


Some photos of the damage:

CBS is now reporting at least 5 people were killed.

From President Trump:


I’ll update this post later as more information becomes available.

Update: CNN is reporting 116 people have died as a result of the quake.

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