Hillary endorses a new media bubble for her fans

Hillary Clinton is excited about a new social media site called Verrit. Here’s her tweet endorsing it:

What is Verrit you ask? It’s a new social media site bubble created by Hillary’s number one fan Peter Daou. Apparently, what Hillary fans need most is a safe space where they don’t have to worry about outsiders. They need a social media sanctuary. From the site’s announcement page:

With the essence of American democracy at stake, 65.8 million people saw through the lies and smears and made a wise, patriotic choice. But they continue to be marginalized and harassed. Verrit’s purpose is to become their trusted source of political information and analysis; to provide them (and anyone like-minded) sanctuary in a chaotic media environment; to center their shared principles; and to do so with an unwavering commitment to truth and facts.

Most Hillary supporters, even at progressive site Vox, will admit she has a worrisome secretive side to her personality. But not Peter Daou. His approach to Hillary could best be described as that of a devoted fanboy. If Hillary was a fictional character, he would be the guy who owned every action figure in mint condition (still in the original package). That sort of blind devotion often sounds mawkish on a site like Twitter:

The smiling, grandmotherly picture. The absolutist statement blaming others for all of her problems. You’d almost believe Hillary never got rich giving bland speeches for corporate bigwigs thanks to her time as a “public servant.” In Peter Daou’s world, she has never ever done anything that wasn’t absolutely admirable and praiseworthy.

Last August, as the discussion of her use of a private email server continued, Daou wrote a piece for Blue Nation Review advancing the novel theory that Hillary had never lied about her email at all. That conclusion was, shall we say, at odds with reality. As I pointed out at the time, CNN’s Jake Tapper and FactCheck.org, the Washington Post and even Politifact had all pointed to lies Hillary told about her email. It wasn’t a close call. But for Daou, she was as innocent as a saint. The conclusions of the fact-checkers all needed to be ignored.

And that seems to be the point of Verrit. It’s a place where problematic voices will be drowned out by pro-Hillary factoids, each with a verification number that allows people to make sure the meme they are spreading hasn’t been Photoshopped. In short, it’s a progressive bubble for Hillary fans which will be unrelentingly and embarrassingly positive at all times, sort of like state-run media without the state. No wonder Hillary is excited about it.

Here’s the sort of thing that won’t make it inside the bubble:

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