ACLU: That photo of a flag-waving 3-year-old we just posted shows 'white supremacy is everywhere'

I thought we had reached peak stupid for the week with ESPN’s decision to pull an Asian sportscaster because his name is Robert Lee, but the ACLU is trying to outdo the network with its reaction to criticism of this tweet:

Notice that this child, who appears to be 3-years-old, is wearing an ACLU onesie with the words “free speech” on them. About half an hour later someone posted this reply:

Note this isn’t just a question it’s an outraged question. A few minutes later the ACLU thanked followers for reminding them “white supremacy is everywhere.”

Those who have suggested that intersectionality operates like a religion with racism standing in for original sin seem to be on to something. How else could a 3-year-old (who may or may not be potty trained yet) be an example of white supremacy? Even the person who complained about the photo doesn’t seem to know. Her only comment is to point out he’s white and holding a flag. Even if you are so far left that you think the flag alone makes this white supremacy, doesn’t the fact that a child is holding it suggest there’s no ill will involved? Apparently not.

There are already over 600 replies to the ACLU’s original tweet and you’ll be shocked to learn many of them are defending the idea that this is indeed an example of white supremacy. I’m not going to post any of them here because most of the people have 48 followers and don’t need the attention. But if you doubt me, just have a look at the replies.

There are also some genuine white supremacists joining in after the fact, which of course leads to more people on the left saying ‘See! It was racist!’ But no, it’s really not. This is just the fringes on each side working each other up. The real question is why the ACLU is joining in the nonsense as if they’ve done something wrong.

Look, I understand people are hypersensitive right now because of what happened in Charlottesville. Someone was murdered by a racist nut. Nazis were marching around with Tiki torches. But the sensitivity has to have some rational limit. Doesn’t it?

David Strom 10:01 PM on September 26, 2022