Katie Couric is out of a $10 million-per-year job at Yahoo News

Katie Couric is out at Yahoo News where she served as a news anchor for the past four years.  From Recode which broke the story Friday afternoon:

The move brings to an end a very high-profile deal that was struck by former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. She got Couric to sign with the Silicon Valley internet giant in late 2013 to become its global news anchor and launch an interview show to give the company a big-media sheen…

While Couric did a series of top-level interviews with major figures — from Bill and Melinda Gates to DJ Khaled — and attracted some significant sponsors and traffic, her work was never properly surfaced on Yahoo. In fact, it was actually hard to find on the site, and other outlet’s coverage of her work often garnered better placement on Yahoo’s homepage than her actual reports.

Couric was reportedly earning $10 million-per-year since her contract was renewed in 2015. Forbes notes that Couric’s stint at Yahoo comes after a similarly disappointing run at CBS News:

As NPR’s David Folkenflik reported, “CBS executives…gambled big, hiring Couric away from NBC’s morning Today Show to remake the network evening newscast for a new and younger audience.”

Those younger viewers didn’t show up, and Couric left five years later. Whatever became of Couric? Well, kids, she vanished into the world’s most lucrative witness relocation program: taking a position as “global news anchor” for Yahoo! News.

Not mentioned in most of the reports on Couric’s departure is the major embarrassment she faced last year after a gun control film she worked on outside her Yahoo contract was shown to have used dishonest editing to make a gun rights group look as if they were unable to respond to her questions. There were calls for Yahoo to fire Couric at the time, but Yahoo backed her and she remained their “global news anchor” until last week.

There really doesn’t seem to be any failure that can stop news anchors from popping up again. Dan Rather has been trying to rehabilitate himself for the last couple years, with help from a deceitful feature film about Rathergate. Disgraced anchor Brian Willams lost his job for lying but now has a regular show on MSNBC. So a little thing like dishonest editing in a “documentary” won’t hurt Couric’s career and there must be somebody out there still willing to pay her millions of dollars.