The Juice is loose: O.J. Simpson granted parole after tone-deaf hearing

O.J. Simpson has been granted parole after spending 9 years in a Nevada prison.

In 2008, Simpson was found guilty of multiple charges stemming from an armed robbery in Las Vegas. Simpson and several other men, one of them armed, entered a hotel room and stole thousands of dollars of sports memorabilia at gunpoint. Simpson said he believed the material had been stolen from him. He was sentenced to 33 years (and a minimum of nine) while several others involved in the case made deals with the prosecutor.

At the parole hearing today, Simpson spoke about his desire to return to his life in Florida and see his kids. Several of Simpson’s statements seemed jarring in light of the double-murder for which he is notorious. Here’s Simpson, in the midst of explaining what happened in the Las Vegas robbery, saying he is “no danger to pull a gun on anybody,” and adding, “Nobody has ever accused me of pulling any weapon on them.”

That is true, though only because the people O.J. pulled a weapon on, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, were murdered and therefore unable to accuse him. Even before the double murder of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman, police were called to Simpson’s home for domestic violence several times. In this next clip, O.J. is apparently talking about how prison has changed him. He says he has realized “I was always a good guy, but I could have been a better Christian.”

Simpson’s 1995 acquittal did come up at one point when a member of the parole board held up letters the board had received:

Finally, one of the people speaking on O.J.’s behalf today is the memorabilia dealer who was the victim of the robbery. He said he doesn’t believe O.J. is a threat “to anyone out there.” He adds, “He’s a good man.”

After deliberations, one member of the parole board even mentioned that he had “no prior conviction of criminal activity.” That’s true. Simpson was acquitted during the criminal trial but he was held accountable for both deaths in the subsequent civil trial.

All of this praise and self-praise is a bit hard to swallow when you remember this is a man who brutally murdered the mother of his children, nearly decapitating her and leaving the body where his kids may have found her. He also killed Ron Goldman who happened to show up during the attack to return a pair of glasses Nicole had left at a restaurant where he worked. O.J. Simpson, to put it mildly, is not a good guy.