GA Election results thread Update: Handel wins!

Allahpundit has already set up the contest between Ossoff and Handel. Here I’ll keep track of results as they come in until we have a declared winner. Polls close at 7 pm Eastern (with the exception of two polling locations that will close at 7:30 pm). The NY Times says to expect a long night.

11:10 pm: Finally, here is Karen Handel’s victory speech. At 2:30 Handel thanks President Trump and the crowd responds “Trump! Trump! Trump!” At 3:15 she thanks Steve Scalise and spends a moment talking about the need to find “a more civil way” to disagree. “In these United States of America, no one should ever feel their life threatened over political beliefs and positions,” she says.

10:58 pm: Here’s part of Ossoff’s concessions speech. Does he always sound as if he’s doing a Barack Obama impersonation?

10:40 pm: Congratulations from the President and from Speaker Ryan:

10:22 pm: Here’s how the Ossoff crowd reacted to the loss:

10:16 pm: The AP called it a few moments ago:

The NY Times has also called it.

10:10 pm: From DDHQ

9:44 pm: Handel has a healthy lead of more than 12,000 votes. We’re still waiting on mail-in ballots which are expected to lean Democratic.

9:30 pm: Stepping away from Georgia for a moment, the NY Times has called the South Carolina election for Republican Ralph Norman. DDHQ has also called it:

9:05 pm: Handel is up now according to DDHQ but still a lot of votes to count.

8:30 pm: The NY Times has Ossoff leading 59,727 to 58,862 with 4% reporting (8 of 208 precincts).


7:45 pm: First results from Decision Desk. We have a long way to go:

7:10 pm: This race is so hyped that even the weather is getting the attention of political reporters: