Protesters and Antifa clash at Evergreen College, one arrest

There was a protest rally at Evergreen College yesterday by a group calling itself Patriot Prayer. The group’s plan to visit the campus also inspired a counter-protest by an antifa group. Though there was lots of shouting, air horns, and silly string, only one person was arrested. From KIRO 7 news:

A conservative, pro-Trump group protested at The Evergreen State College because they believe that “political correctness and hatred has taken over the campus.”…

KIRO 7 cameras captured several Patriot Prayer protesters taking down a man for having a knife.

Tusitala “Tiny” Toese was among those who jumped into action: “He had his knife open, and he was pointing it at one of our guys, so we put him down and took him to the cops.”

The campus had been closed in advance of the protest. A KING5 reporter broke down the number of protesters/antifa members he saw:

The “60 WSP” are Washington State Police who were on hand to keep the two groups apart as much as possible.

Here’s a video which shows the encounter between the two groups:

This clip appears to have been shot by the Patriot Prayer group themselves and offers their perspective on what happened:

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