The Resistance keeps fighting for attention

The Resistance is fighting for attention and hoping it can keep the discontent over Trump’s election riding high through the 2018 midterm elections. Over the weekend a group of 200 members of one Indivisible chapter spelled out the word “Resist!” at one of Trump’s golf courses in California:

Today the Associated Press reports on another Indivisible effort in Colorado:

Stationing herself outside a bank building and holding a sign in the unforgiving midday sun, Katie Farnan was multitasking, as usual. She’s a mother of two young children and works for a nonprofit firm but also has a third job: Chair of the town hall committee of the activist group Indivisible Front Range Resistance…

“He sticks in my craw,” Farnan said of Sen. Cory Gardner, who hasn’t held a public town hall this year despite activists’ pressure campaign. “It’s my responsibility to try to get town halls with him and if I can’t get town halls with him, I feel like–” She stopped, cut off by 3-year-old Leo’s cries of “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”

A few months into Trump’s presidency, resistance to it is much like Farnan — exhausted, sometimes exasperated, but determined.

Farnan’s efforts consist of making videos of like-minded protesters and holding a mock town hall event using a cardboard cutout of Sen. Gardner. She also hired a plane to fly over a Colorado Rockies game with a banner demanding Gardner hold a town hall. In short, she’s doing her best to keep her issue before the news cameras. But it turns out she has been overdoing it. The AP reports, “She nearly collapsed Friday night and rushed to urgent care, where she was diagnosed with strep throat.”

I’m not convinced all of this won’t have diminishing returns for Democrats. How many silly actions like the Trump golf course stunt can people see before they start to tune it out. There’s also a real possibility the Resistance could spark a backlash if their antics get out of hand. We’ve already seen that start to happen. Last week one man put his hands on Rep. Kevin Cramer and Rep. Tom Garrett of Virginia received explicit death threats mentioning his family. Also, a woman chased Rep. David Kustoff of Tennessee in her car ranting about his health care vote. She was charged with reckless endangerment.

Democrats are embracing and celebrating a movement that is about getting emotional and being confrontational. All it would take is one nut taking a swing at their congressman and people’s support for the Resistance could dissipate very quickly.