Martha MacCallum vs. Ferguson documentary filmmaker

I keep coming back to this story because we’re seeing the creation of a new progressive conspiracy theory before our eyes, one that could result in some very bad real world consequences.

Jason Pollock, the director of the “documentary” Stranger Fruit has been all over television, literally screaming that the authorities failed or lied about Michael Brown’s murder. As you’ll see in this clip from Fox News, Pollock is now including the FBI and the Obama Department of Justice in his claims. None of them, apparently, ever wanted to get to the truth.

Asked by host Martha MacCallum why the convenience store tape even matters, Pollock replies, “The reason we put out the convenience store tape now is so that people could get over it because he didn’t rob the store.” He adds that anyone who sees the tape who is “not a bigot” will understand what happened.

MacCallum doesn’t really challenge Pollock on what happened at the convenience store but as I showed here yesterday it appears whatever deal Brown tried to work out didn’t happen. The clerks did not take his pot. They place it back on the counter. When Brown tried to leave with a bag of merchandise they call him back and then put everything back on the shelves. Finally, the next day when Brown returned and choked one of the clerks, they called the police saying they had been robbed.

Next, MacCallum argues that the real reason people think of Michael Brown as a “bad guy” is because of what happened during his interaction with Officer Wilson. When she suggests the FBI and the Obama DOJ would have indicted Officer Wilson if they had been able to Pollock yells, “Not true! Don’t just say that.”

“You’re suggesting that 40 FBI agents were all in cahoots…” MacCallum starts to say.

“I’m suggesting that the Department of Justice failed,” Pollock replies. “Yes, they failed! They failed!” he shouts.

“So it’s not possible in your brain that what happened there was what was found by the grand jury and 40 FBI agents. You’re saying all of that doesn’t matter?” MacCallum asked.

“Yes,” Pollock replied. “When the facts of this case come out in my film Stranger Fruit, the real facts of this case, the facts of this case that Bob McCulloch doesn’t want us talking about, like the fact that Michael Brown was shot in the head and a bullet came out of his eye. Do you know how that would happen?” he continues.

Near the close of this clip, MacCallum brings up “three different forensic investigations that were done.” Pollock literally waves these away saying, “I don’t care. They failed him. They all failed.” So now the medical examiners, including one hired by the family, are part of the conspiracy too I guess. How else to explain that they all reached the same conclusions.

Pollock is doing a pretty good impression of Alex Jones here in more ways than one. The shouting, the body language, the paranoia and the suggestion that the real facts are being hidden by authorities with an agenda. All that’s left is for him to strip off his shirt. Here’s the clip.

By the way, the fact that Michael Brown was shot in the top of the head is not news. That fact has been discussed since the first autopsy report was released. It’s the result of Brown running forward toward Wilson as he is being shot (something eyewitnesses said happened). Eventually, Brown begins to fall forward and a shot, the final one, went through the top of his head, killing him.

This case has been looked at carefully and the the FBI, DOJ and prosecutors did not fail. We have the truth but some people, including Pollock, seem more interested in stirring up conspiracy theories. Here’s Bob McCulloch disputing Pollock’s claims moments later on the same show: