Project Veritas: Disrupt J20 plots to disrupt the 'deploraball'

Project Veritas released a new video in which one of its undercover reporters joins a planning session for a group called the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition. This group is part of a broad coalition of far-left groups calling itself DisruptJ20. DisruptJ20 has announced its intention to disrupt the inauguration using “direct action” and a “diversity of tactics.” These are terms of art in the protest community which indicate a willingness to go beyond peaceful protest and use vandalism and other types of force to achieve their goals.

As you’ll see in this clip, some of the direct action being planned involves releasing a stink bomb at an inaugural ball and setting off sprinklers inside the building as a backup plan.

The DC Anti-Facist Coalition wrote the call to action for a protest of the Deploraball on the DisruptJ20 site. It reads in part:

This protest is being planned by the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition. We recently organized successful protests against the white supremacist “think tank” National Policy Institute. Our events drew about 500 activists and led the way for massive public outcry against the Fascist Alt-Right. Let’s repeat that, and open the Trump presidency on the proper foot.

The DC Anti-Fascist Coalition is an anti-racist, anti-fascist coalition; united along these principles:

We confront, and do not ignore, oppressors
We don’t rely on the cops or the courts. Cops reinforce oppressive systems. We rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and fight for deeper justice.

As I noted last month, Michael Moore has promoted DisruptJ20.