Video: Here's the Iranian plane picking up $400 million in cash

Remember the U.S. government payment of $400 million in foreign cash to Iran? The State Department eventually admitted the release of the money was contingent on the release of U.S. prisoners from Iran which sounded to a lot of normal people like a quid pro quo or, more simply, a ransom payment. That’s how some people inside Iran saw it even though the White House continued to deny it.

Today the Wall Street Journal identified a video which shows the Iranian jet taking off. The video, which has been on You Tube for nearly a year, was shot by a plane spotter who has posted hundreds of clips of rare and unusual planes taking off and landing at Geneva airport. He was filming on January 17, 2016 when he spotted a “*RARE* Iranian Government Boeing 737-200(A)” taking off.

Near the end of this clip, as the plane is about to take off, there are some U.S. planes visible in the background. According to the Journal, these are the planes which were there to pick up U.S. political prisoners. The Journal does not seem to have a story up explaining how it identified or confirmed these were the planes involved.


Here’s the full video uploaded by GVA Spotter: