Unofficial count: Trump wins Michigan by 13,225 votes

The Detroit Free Press reports an unofficial count of all precincts shows Donald Trump has won the state of Michigan by a narrow margin:

With seven critical Genessee County precincts now reporting results, Donald Trump appears to have won Michigan by 13,225 votes — a margin of less than three-tenths of a percent —  out of more than 4.8 million cast, according to unofficial results posted late this morning by the state.

Trump held a 12,488-vote lead over Hillary Clinton through the morning. But with all 83 Michigan counties reporting, Clinton won 2,264,361. Trump’s margin of victory was exceedingly close: He won 47.6% compared to 47.33% for Clinton, according to updated state totals updated at 11:20 a.m. today.

As of this moment the Associated Press, CBS News, the NY Times and Fox News have still not called the state for Trump. The addition of Michigan’s 16 electoral votes will bring Trump to a total of 295 EVs.

That leaves just two states which most major news organizations have yet to call. The AP, New York Times, NBC News and Fox News have yet to call Arizona where, at this moment, Trump leads by just over 80,000 votes with 98% of precincts reporting. CBS News has called the state for Trump as did CNN which called the state last night:

But neither CNN nor CBS News have called Minnesota, while the AP, NY Times, NBC News and Fox News have all called the state for Hillary.

Finally, New Hampshire has not been called by anyone. The AP, CBS News, CNN, the NY Times, NBC News and Fox News show Hillary leading Trump by 1,437 votes with 100% of precincts reporting.