Sen. Pat Toomey's neighborhood vandalized with anti-GOP graffiti

Two houses located across the street from Senator Pat Toomey’s home in Zionsville, Pennsylvania were vandalized with anti-GOP messages, including one that mentioned Toomey by name.


In all, three messages were left on the homes in red spray paint. One read, “Nazis, slavers, rapists, cross-worshippers=GOP.” Another said, “Look out Toomey and your neo-Nazi Republicans.” A third message included a hashtag, “#Americans against the Republican party.”

Sen. Toomey responded to the incident at a campaign stop Tuesday. From

“That was just appalling. There’s just absolutely no place for that,” Toomey said at a campaign stop Tuesday morning in Northeast Philadelphia. “You know, these were my neighbors and good friends and wonderful people and it’s just a shame that some politically motivated people would do something like that, it’s really, really despicable.”

Toomey is currently in a tight reelection race against challenger Katie McGinty:

McGinty also released a statement on the incident, “This act of vandalism is unacceptable…I hope law enforcement can quickly investigate the matter and hold the people responsible for it accountable.”


Because control of the Senate is in play, the race in PA is receiving plenty of national attention. Saturday, Hillary Clinton attacked Toomey by name during a campaign stop in PA:

Here’s a local news report on the incident.

This vandalism is similar to what was found at a GOP campaign office in North Carolina just over a week ago. In that case an office was firebombed and graffiti painted nearby read, “Nazi Republicans leave town or else.”

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