Hillary's aides agreed to 'take care of' associate of Clinton Foundation insider

Tuesday, Judicial Watch published nearly 300 documents including 44 emails it says were not previously turned over to the State Department. One 2009 email chain shows Clinton insider, and creator of the Clinton Global Initiative, Douglas Band asking Hillary’s aides at the State Department to “take care of” an unidentified associate. From the Hill:

“Important to take care of” the person, Douglas Band told Clinton aides Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and Nora Toiv in an April 22, 2009, email with the subject line “A favor…”. The name of the aide is redacted.

“We have all had him on our radar,” Abedin responded. “Personnel has been sending him options.”

Band sent a simple response to Abedin: “Great.”

The subject line “A favor…” actually came from the original email which is mostly redacted. While it’s not clear what favor this person was initially asking for, Doug Band forwarded his email to Clinton’s aides and their response seems to indicate he is being offered his pick of jobs at the State Department.

This is not the first time someone with a connection to the Clinton Foundation appears to have been given his pick of assignments. In June, ABC News reported that Rajiv K. Fernando was given a seat on the International Security Advisory Board, a position for which he had no apparent qualifications. What Fernando did have was a history as a Clinton bundler and a major Clinton Foundation donor.

The appointment of Fernando was such a stretch that one of Clinton’s aides, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Philippe Reines, mocked the decision in an email saying, “Couldn’t he have landed a spot on the President’s Physical Fitness Council?” Fernando resigned one day after ABC News asked about his appointment to the board.

When something like this happens once it’s possible to argue it was a fluke or a mistake (though in the case of Fernando it’s not a very convincing argument). When it happens twice it begins to look like a pattern.