Venezuela's socialist president praises 'revolutionary friend' Bernie Sanders

Venezuela’s socialist president Nicolas Maduro thinks Bernie Sanders could be the next president of the United States if only the U.S. held free and fair elections. Maduro made the comments on television Tuesday. Politico translated a report by CNN Espanol:

During the TV show that aired Tuesday, Maduro called the Vermont senator “our revolutionary friend” and slammed the “archaic” U.S. electoral system that makes it possible for someone like real estate mogul Donald Trump to become president.

“Donald Trump can win with the American electoral system. And do you know why?” Maduro asked, according to a CNN Español report published on Wednesday. “Because Donald Trump is using strong, hidden forces of change in American society.”

This is not the first time Maduro has given a shout-out to his revolutionary friend. In March, Maduro praised Sanders as “an emerging candidate with a restorative and revolutionary message.”

Maduro’s open admiration for Sanders has not been mutual. Last week Univision asked Sanders about the failing socialist governments of South America. Asked for his opinion on the fact that Venezuela was “near collapse” Sanders replied, “I am very interested, but right now I’m running for President of the United States.”

What’s really embarrassing here is that Univision seems to be the only network that asked Sanders this obvious question which connects with his own biography and his plans for the United States. Venezuela is a basket case at this moment and the U.S. government has warned social chaos could be imminent. Why hasn’t CNN asked Sanders the obvious question about the socialist system he has championed his entire life, i.e. the system he’d like to see America emulate? For that matter, why haven’t they asked President Obama?

Finally, it is laughable that President Maduro is criticizing the “American electoral system” right now. Nearly two million Venezuelans signed a petition requesting a legal recall referendum to remove Maduro from office. His government has been slow-walking that referendum in an obvious attempt to hold on to power.

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