Jake Tapper: State Department scrubbing of the public record is an outrage

Thursday, CNN’s Jake Tapper said the State Department’s decision to edit an embarrassing admission out of an official video recording was a “scrubbing of the public record.” He went on to say that it should “be an outrage to every American.”


Tapper appeared on WMAL Thursday morning with our own Larry O’Connor. The Washington Times reports:

“Well, that looks like a completely cut-and-dried case of censorship. They took something they didn’t like and pretended it didn’t happen,” Mr. Tapper complained, noting that he would discuss the scandal some are dubbing “Glitchgate” on his “The Lead” program later in the day.

Later in the day, Tapper dedicated a segment of his own show to the story. First he carefully brought viewers up to speed on the sequence of events:

  • The initial lie by State Dept. spokesperson Victoria Nuland that there were no ongoing negotiations with Iran.
  • The subsequent admission by Jen Psaki that Nuland had lied about negotiations with Iran.
  • The removal of that admission from an official video record of the State Department briefing.
  • The claim the removal had been a “glitch,” i.e. a technical problem.
  • The admission this week that it had not been a glitch but a request made by someone.
  • And finally, the claim that State doesn’t know who made the request or why.

Tapper summarized all of that with this graphic:

Tapper state lies

Tapper made it clear he was not okay with letting all of this slide simply because there were no rules against editing the State Department briefing video. There are too many unanswered questions about all of this, starting with why it happened:


There are so many questions about all three of these lies including whether the initial lie had anything to do with the administration-pushed narrative of the Iran deal sold to the public, that this all came about in large part because Hassan Rouhani–supposedly some sort of moderate–was elected President of Iran in June 2013 after lie number one, which denied the talks were going on before Rouhani was elected. But before we can get into lies number one, two and three happened the Obama administration needs to understand that it’s not acceptable just to leave this where it is. Just as the public has a right to know the truth, we have a right to know who lied to us and why.

Kudos to Jake Tapper for not letting this slide and for using his platform to call for some accountability at the State Department.


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