Brazil's President says impeachment vote is a coup

Earlier, Ed noted a growing list of reasons why holding the summer Olympics in Brazil may be a very bad idea. To that list, that starts with the spread of the Zika virus, you can now add political chaos. Last night, Senators voted to impeach president Dilma Rousseff. BBC reports:


Senators had voted to suspend her by 55 votes to 22 after an all-night session that lasted more than 20 hours.

Ms Rousseff is accused of illegally manipulating finances to hide a growing public deficit ahead of her re-election in 2014.

Rousseff’s response was blunt, comparing the current move to a coup d’etat and claiming the move was an attempt by conservatives to roll back social progress:

“I never imagined that it would be necessary to fight once again against a coup in this country,” Rousseff said, in a reference to her youth fighting Brazil’s military dictatorship.

Shortly afterward, she addressed hundreds of supporters outside, many of them dressed in the red of her Workers Party, and already shouting “Temer out!”

“This is a tragic hour for our country,” Rousseff said, calling her suspension an effort by conservatives to roll back the social and economic gains made by the Workers Party during its 13 years in power.

Rousseff’s former Vice President, Michael Temer, will succeed her as interim president. Temer’s PMDB party abandoned the governing coalition in March. Rousseff has previously accused Temer of being the “chief and vice-chief of a coup.”

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