Sanders campaign laying off hundreds of staffers

One day after he lost 4 out of 5 primaries Bernie Sanders revealed he will be laying off hundreds of campaign workers in order to focus his resources on winning delegates in the remaining states. The New York Times reports:

“We want to win as many delegates as we can, so we do not need workers now in states around the country,” Mr. Sanders said in the interview. “We don’t need people right now in Connecticut. That election is over. We don’t need them in Maryland. So what we are going to do is allocate our resources to the 14 contests that remain, and that means that we are going to be cutting back on staff.”

When asked how many people would be let go, Mr. Sanders didn’t give an exact number but did say many people would be affected.

“It will be hundreds of staff members,” Mr. Sanders said.

Sanders’ focus now seems to be on making a statement with a win in California. He tells the NY Times, “if we can win the largest state in this country, that will send a real message to the American people and to the delegates…” Real Clear Politics has Hillary Clinton leading in the average of polls for the California primary by a relatively narrow 7 points.

But there is reason to think Sanders is no longer seeking to win the race so much as have an impact on the party before he bows out gracefully. In a press release last night after losing all but Rhode Island Sanders said, “this campaign is going to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with as many delegates as possible to fight for a progressive party platform…” That sounds like an acknowledgement the race for the nomination is now out of his reach.

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Jazz Shaw 7:31 PM on October 02, 2022