News crew attacked while doing story on immigration in Sweden

A news crew producing a segment on European immigration for the Australian show 60 Minutes was attacked by migrants in an area of Stockholm, Sweden known as “little Mogadishu.”

The attack took place three weeks ago on March 1st. The Sydney Morning Herald reported on it at the time. However the segment showing the attack was not aired until last night. 60 Minutes Australia promoted the segment on Twitter:

The full segment does not seem to be available outside Australia, however several copies of the clip have been uploaded to You Tube. The segment really heats up about midway through (3:30) when the crew arrives at a town called Rinkeby. As soon as they exit their car another car full of young men starts harassing them and throwing objects at the cameraman. When the cameraman tries to walk away by passing in front of their car they bump him hard enough to knock him down.

Police are called but they recommend the crew go inside the local shopping area by themselves. For a moment the segment seems to be moving in a positive direction but then, as soon as the police leave, young men show up with their faces covered. One of them throws a brick at the cameraman.

Sweden 60 Mins

The attack continues to escalate. The sound man and a producer are both punched in the face. The crew makes a break for their car when a local driving a mobility scooter plows into the lead attacker. Here’s the full video clip:

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David Strom 6:01 PM on February 01, 2023