Man who rushed stage at Trump rally wanted to take the podium, send a message

CNN reports that Thomas DiMassimo, the man who rushed the stage at a recent Trump rally, had been thinking about doing this since November:

I wasn’t expecting there to be as much secret service as there was there that day. From what I had sort of seen there hadn’t been that much or hadn’t been that much in a contained area. So I thought my chances of getting up on stage and getting to the podium would have been better, but again it was more important for me to show that there are people out there who aren’t afraid of Donald Trump. He says scary things. He let’s his people do scary things…And yet I am unafraid. And if I can be unafraid enough to go take his podium away from him then we all can be afraid enough to not let this man walk into the White House.

After the interview, the reporter notes that DiMassimo told him he’d been thinking about doing this since November. It shouldn’t be any surprise that DiMassimo’s plan was to “take his podium away from him.” After all, that sort of sums up the left’s reaction to any speech they don’t like these days, whether it’s on a college campus or at a rally for a candidate they don’t like.

There are ways to let Donald Trump know you disapprove of him, including peaceful protest and voting for an alternative candidate (DiMassimo appears to be a Sanders supporter). Rushing the stage and causing secret service to scramble is not an appropriate way to do that. DiMassimo was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and inducing a panic. You can see why here:

Finally, I have to point out that Trump did himself no favors by claiming on Twitter that DiMassimo was connected with ISIS. However, reports that video appears to be a fake. Confronted about the fake video by Chuck Todd Sunday, Trump replied, “All I know is what’s on the internet.”

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