Idaho and Hawaii GOP Results (Update: Sanders wins Michigan)

I’ll be updating this thread with results for Idaho and Hawaii, both of which have GOP votes tonight.

First up, Idaho moved it’s primary up by two months this year. Polls in the GOP primary are set to close at 8pm local time tonight (10pm EST). Democrats will have their primary in the state two weeks from now on March 22nd. There are 32 GOP delegates at stake in Idaho. The state is not winner-take-all; however, the threshold for receiving delegates is 20%. That makes it likely that trailing candidates will get no delegates. It’s also possible that if, for instance, Trump wins with 40+% and his opponents all finish in the mid to high teens, he would claim all of the delegates for the state. Finally, if anyone gets 50% of the vote, they take all the delegates but that is not expected to happen with the vote split four ways.


For the night owls, Hawaii is having a GOP caucus tonight with 19 delegates at stake. The caucus ends at 8pm local time, which is 10pm PST and 1 am EST.

2:39am: Fox News calls Hawaii for Trump. The NY Times, which has also called the state for Trump, shows 51% reporting: Trump 45.2%, Cruz 31.3%, Rubio 12% and Kasich 10 percent.

1:43am: NY Times: With 13% reporting, Trump 42.1%, Cruz 27.9%, Rubio 14.9% and Kasich 14.1 percent.

1:32am: First results from Hawaii at the NY Times: With 4% reporting, the standings are Trump at 48.4%, Kasich at 20.1%, Cruz at 17% and Rubio at 12.6 percent.

1:16am EST: Still nothing out of Hawaii. Awaiting results.

12:00am: Fox News projects Ted Cruz will win Idaho. The network currently shows 44% reporting with Cruz at 41.7%, Trump at 28.9% and Rubio at 18.4%, which is below the threshold to receive delegates.

11:57pm: NY Times with 36% reporting in Idaho it’s Cruz 41.3%, Trump 29.4%, Rubio 18.3% and Kasich 7.1 percent.

11:41pm: Back to Idaho, Fox News with 26% reporting: Cruz 38.9%, Trump 31%, Rubio 18.5% and Kasich 7.3 percent.

11:35pm: Fox News (and others) just called Michigan for Sanders:

11:33pm: Fox News racing ahead with Idaho returns. With 19% reporting: Cruz 38.2%, Trump 31.1%, Rubio 19.3% and Kasich 7.2 percent.


11:27pm: Fox News now with 10% of Idaho reporting: Cruz 36.8%, Trump 29.2%, Rubio 21.3% and Kasich 8.1 percent.

11:22pm: Fox News…Idaho with 5% reporting: Cruz 35.7%, Trump 28.9%, Rubio 22.6% and Kasich 9.9 percent.

11:04pm: First results from Idaho at Decision Desk HQ: With 2% reporting, Trump has 35.5%, Cruz 33%, Rubio 18.7% and Kasich 8.5 percent.

10:30pm EST: It is after 8pm in Boise but the northern part of the state is in the Pacific Time Zone so it appears we have another 30 minutes to wait for results.

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