Live Blog: Vermont, Georgia, Colorado, Oklahoma (Update: Cruz leads in Alaska)

We’ll be updating Hot Air with results throughout the night.

Wed 11:30am: Cruz wins Alaska 36.36% to Trump’s 33.5%.

2:15am ET: Alaska, with 55.56% reporting: Cruz 35.48%, Trump 32.75%.


10:39pm: Here’s the Democratic count…

10:28pm ET: Delegate count…

8:09pm ET: Fox News predicts Hillary will win Alabama and Tennessee.


9:15pm: Fox News calls the state for Cruz and on the Dem side for Sanders.

9:10pm: CBS calls it for Cruz:

8:56pm: With 25.77% reporting, Cruz leads with 32.84% to Trump’s 30.89%. On the Democratic side, Sanders leads 50.65% to Hillary’s 41.21%.

8:44pm: With 10.69% reporting, Trump leads with 32.02% followed by Cruz at 31.07%. On the Democratic side, Sanders leads Hillary 48.09% to 44.03%.

8:11pm ET: CBS reports Ted Cruz is leading the OK primary:


Vermont: Not a lot of delegates at stake here (16) but this is important as a must-win state for Bernie Sanders.

12:03am: Trump wins Vermont.

11:14pm: With 80% reporting, Trump leads Kasich 32.35% to 30.78%.

10:05pm: With 60% reporting, Trump leads Kasich 32.61% to 30.81%.

9:22pm: Still no call on the GOP side.

8:55pm: With 29.45% reporting, Trump leads Kasich 35.47% to 28.01%.

8:28pm: Only 13.45% reporting but Trump is leading Kasich 33.6% to 28.7%.

7:31pm: Senator Sanders is addressing a large gathering of supporters in Essex Junction, VT. “As I think all of you know, this campaign is not just about electing a president. It is about transforming America. It is about making our great country the nation we know it has the potential to be.”

7:01pm ET: CNN predicts Sanders wins Vermont, no surprises there:

On the Republican side, Trump and Kasich are competing for first place, via CBS:


Georgia: On the Republican side Trump has a big lead and is expected to win. Delegates are divided statewide and also by district. If Trump (or someone else) wins with 50% in any district he gets all the delegates in that district. Also, statewide delegates only go to candidates who get at least 20% of the vote, which means either Cruz or Rubio could be on the borderline. On the Democratic side, Hillary goes into the contest with a huge advantage over Sanders. For Dems there are 102 delegates at stake.

7:41pm: Another interesting factoid from CBS News. Trump won the contest for white evangelical voters in GA:

7:30pm: Hillary’s edge with black voters was significant:

7:23pm: CNN calls Georgia for Trump.

7:01pm ET: CNN is already predicting Hillary wins Georgia.

Fox News has called Georgia for Trump. From CBS:


Notice that both Cruz and Rubio are above 20%. As mentioned above, that makes them eligible for some of the statewide delegates.

Colorado: The Colorado GOP canceled the party’s preference poll this year. However, on the Democratic side there is some drama as the demographics of the state make it possible for Bernie Sanders to be competitive. If Sanders wins here that could be a sign he is having a good night.

11:06pm: Sanders projected to win Colorado.

11:02pm: With 21.1% reporting, Sanders leads Hillary 57.46% to 41.23%.

10:07pm: Results just starting to come in. With 1.46% reporting, Sanders leads Hillary 52.26% to 44.43%.

9:27pm ET: No results yet.

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