Wisconsin Democrats not particularly interested in protecting citizens' rights

If you haven’t heard of the screamingly unconstitutional John Doe raids here in Wisconsin, let me walk you through it: prosecutors sent teams of police to raid conservative’s homes in the early morning hours. The families were not allowed to call a lawyer or family, they were bound by gag orders, unable to defend themselves against the ludicrous political assault because they weren’t even told what the ‘investigation’ was about. Home and personal computers were seized, files and untold items taken but even at the end of the raid, the nightmare wasn’t over. You weren’t allowed to speak of it: at all. Not even to tell your inquiring neighbors, family, friends, or employer that you’re innocent.

In their attempt to bring down Governor Scott Walker, Democrats not only trampled conservatives’ constitutional rights, they strangled them to death.

Even after audiotapes were released containing a portion of the over three hour raid of Cindy Archer were released, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal’s Daniel Bice, toeing the progressive line, seized the tape and claimed Archer contradicted herself in her interview with the National Review. Bice, who’s blatant progressive slant can be seen in his work in the MJS as well as his Tweets, fails to acknowledge that the tape did not contain the most crucial moments of the raid.

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This type of ‘journalism’ is expected here in Wisconsin and would be laughable if it weren’t so disturbing and part of a national trend to shoot down our constitutional rights and send people off the track of what Democrats’ true intentions are.

Thankfully, upon learning of these heinous crimes, our Legislators sprang to action. Representative Jim Steineke, (R-Kaukauna) writes, “now that we fully understand the abhorrent ways that Wisconsin’s John Doe statues have been blatantly abused by a few politically motivated prosecutors, there’s no time to waste in doing our job to correct this wrong. Unlike some might lead you to believe, our job as legislators isn’t to make it easier for prosecutors to investigate people in secret, it’s to protect the rights of its citizens against these few abusive prosecutors.”

Assembly Bill 68, drafted by Representative Dave Craig, serves to correct the ability for blood thirsty prosecutors to wield the John Doe law as a sword to cut down their enemies and strengthens citizens’ constitutional protections while increasing transparency. This should be encouraged by every politician, regardless of party affiliation, if it were a non-partisian issue, that is.

Even Steineke was left stunned after the votes were tallied: “As much as I hate to admit it, every member of the Democrat party in the WI Assembly voted against these reforms that would protect their constituencies from unwarranted searches and abuse from their government.”

The vote to reform the John Doe laws, to protect our citizens and ensure people are safe in their own homes is not part of the Democrats agenda here in Wisconsin. Their agenda is partisan politics at their worst.

Every citizen in Wisconsin, and even across the United States, needs to know that Assembly Bill 68 was crafted to ensure that no one, regardless of color, creed, or political party, would be awoken to early morning raids by paramilitary teams, held at gunpoint while their homes are ransacked and property seized, simply for engaging in a constitutional right of free speech. And every single citizen needs to be acutely aware that every Representative from the Democrat party refused to vote in favor of protecting the constitutional rights of Wisconsinites.

The agenda of the new Democratic party is not to protect citizens’ rights, but instead to preserve and push their own progressive wishes. And may God have mercy on anyone who gets in their way.

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