Now Biden is Flying in Migrants We Already Deported

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

It's almost as if the Biden administration is just trying to tick everyone off at this point and is simply daring us not to vote for him. We already know that Joe Biden's recent executive actions regarding the border did nothing and we continue to be overrun by illegal migrants. We also know that he's been allowing migrants to use a phone app to obtain free flights into the country. But that apparently wasn't enough for Uncle Joe. Now the Free Beacon has revealed that another unannounced program has been bringing migrants into the country from Cameroon who were previously deported under the Trump administration and had been deemed ineligible for asylum. He's doing all of this under the cover of darkness and not issuing any sort of warning to the public.

The Biden administration is flying previously deported Cameroonians whose asylum claims were determined to be invalid back into the United States, according to interviews with Immigration and Customs Enforcement staff and internal agency memos reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

The program, which has not been announced to the public, appears to be a response to a February 2022 Human Rights Watch report about dozens of Cameroonians deported between 2019 and 2021 and then allegedly mistreated by their government. An estimated 80 to 90 Cameroonians were deported during that period of time.

But now some are arriving back in the United States under a program with little precedent, both current and former ICE officials say. All of the individuals deported under the previous administration were found not to have valid asylum claims in the United States.

We're only talking about a few dozen migrants (so far), but that's not the point. These are people who already showed up in the United States, were interviewed, failed the test to qualify for asylum, and were shipped back home. And now Biden and Myorkas are inviting them back in again. Biden is once again working with nonprofit groups to organize the transfers, keeping the entire scheme away from the legislative process and off the books. 

The Immigrant Rights Clinic at Texas A&M University was apparently tapped to make all of the arrangements. The Cameroonians are being flown into a number of different airports around the country in small numbers. According to ICE officials, this is being done in the hope that the public won't notice them if they aren't all congregating in one place. There may be other nonprofit groups involved in this scheme, but that couldn't be immediately confirmed.

It's not that I don't understand why people might want to flee Cameroon and come to America. It's a terrible place with endemic violence and it always seems to be on the verge of a civil war. The State Department warns people not to travel there. But there are lots of terrible places in the world and we simply can't take in everyone from all of those places and resettle them here, regardless of what Joe Biden may believe. If any of them wish to credibly apply for asylum, they are free to do so by working through their local embassies. Or at least that's how things used to work until Biden and Mayorkas were turned loose on us.

Yet again, however, I'm not trying to place the blame for this situation on the Cameroonians. You can't blame them for accepting a free plane trip to America when one was offered to them. The point here is that the offer never should have been made in the first place. People either qualify for asylum or they don't, and even if they do, we place limits on the number of asylum seekers and legal immigrants we admit each year for a reason. That came to a screeching halt in January of 2021, unfortunately. We rapidly learned why those restrictions had been in place and what a country without functional borders looks like. And it hasn't been pretty, to say the least.

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