Fox News Host Warns People 'Get Out of C**p-Hole Blue States'

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Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren (the host of Tomi Lahren is Fearless and her show on Outkick) recently doled out some advice that I've offered here on multiple occasions, though she is speaking from a position of direct experience. During an interview on the Skinny Confidential Podcast, Lahren recounted her time living and working in Los Angeles for Fox News. She had some true horror stories to tell, involving the rampant crime in the neighborhoods she covered and the mobs of crazed leftists who would come after her if they recognized her. At times she was fearful of stepping outside of her home. So what was her advice? Get out of those "c**phole blue states" and move to someplace safer. She wound up taking her own advice. (Daily Mail)

The Fox Nation commentator reminisced on her time living in LA when she would have to run the gauntlet on the streets of the city while working for the network.

The experience left her afraid to step outside her South Bay home, she told the Skinny Confidential Podcast, and prompted her move to Tennessee.

'I could not go to Santa Monica, I had numerous assignments here in West Hollywood for Hannity where I'd go do like Man on the Street, people would be screaming at me,' she said.

'Living in Hermosa Beach I would go to like Tower 12, I had a girl push me up against the wall at Tower 12 and call me a name that starts with C.

Lahren described the current epidemic of "thugs, felons, and unhinged green hairs" infesting mostly blue, Democrat-run cities around the country, not just in Los Angeles. She cited New York, Washington, DC, and Portland as examples, but in reality, you can run into these freaks in nearly all large cities, even in some of the redder states. Some do a better job when it comes to beating them down and locking them up, such as in Florida. But they often show up in numbers that can even overwhelm the police. We've seen that repeatedly during the pro-Hamas riots on college campuses. 

Lahren pointed out that there are a lot of people out there right now who are "legitimately in danger" and she's not being hyperbolic. The threat is clearly greater if you happen to be a woman - particularly a slender, short woman - because the "brave" mob members seem to like targeting them. It's even worse if you are a recognizable television figure with a history of calling out the left's atrocities. Unfortunately for Tomi, she is both.

She wound up moving to Tennessee and doesn't regret it a bit. She reports feeling far safer and happier in general, though everyone still needs to be cautious these days when heading out the door no matter where you live. Some may complain that abandoning blue states and cities isn't the answer because that will do nothing to correct the problem. I disagree. The only people with the ability to address these systemic problems are the voters who keep electing liberal Democrats to set their policies. They show no signs of changing course, so if you stick around in those places for too long you're simply asking for trouble.

Fortunately, I feel blessed to have not had to deal with that situation in a personal fashion. I live in a blue state (New York) but our home is in a rural/suburban area far from the larger cities. Crime has remained blissfully low around here as compared to Gotham or even Buffalo, though we have witnessed a few worrisome incidents here and there. I haven't been to New York City since well before the pandemic and I have no plans to do so in the future if it can be avoided. In fact, given the nature of my job, it's increasingly rare for me to even leave my property or at least the village where I live. I understand that this isn't an option for everyone, but that's one of the benefits of being older.

Also, while I am a guest on various radio outlets on a regular basis, I haven't made an appearance on any of the cable news shows for at least five years. Unlike Tomi Lahren, I'm not nearly as much of a recognizable figure, so she is clearly taking more of a chance when she heads out onto the streets to do interviews or simply take care of her usual errands.

I mention all of this only to offer readers the opportunity to consider their own situations. Do you live in a large city or any other location where crime and violent protests have become increasingly common? If so, what precautions have you taken to enhance your personal security and that of your family? And have you given any serious consideration to joining the exodus and moving? I'm not blind to the fact that moving can be expensive, perhaps prohibitively so, and people's careers have to be taken into consideration. But at least for some of us, it can be managed. Things don't seem to be getting any less crazy out there at the moment, though I remain hopeful that improvements may be on the way if Trump returns to office. You may want to take a fresh look at your options and get out of those "c**phole blue states" if you can.

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