The NAACP is right. Democrats should avoid Florida

The NAACP is right. Democrats should avoid Florida
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You may recall when the NAACP issued a travel advisory, warning Black people to either avoid going to Florida or to “be careful” when traveling there. (Despite the fact that the Chairman of the NAACP lives in Florida and has for decades.) Since that time, I’ve watched numerous commentators, particularly on Fox News, scoffing at the warning. They remind us that Black families have been moving to the Sunshine State in record numbers and availing themselves of the state’s record low unemployment and crime rates, not to mention the weather. So yes, it’s easy to scoff at the NAACP’s highly politicized antics. But perhaps if we widen the lens a bit and use some more specific terms, they may have a point. Over at Townhall, our colleague Derek Hunter suggests that a better travel advisory is in order. Democrats (of any skin color) should avoid traveling to Florida.

I don’t care where black people or gay people or anyone chooses to vacation or move, I’m not vacationing or moving with you, so what does it matter to me? I’m sure you’re not emotionally or otherwise invested in my family’s latest trip to the beach because I didn’t receive either a phone call or a check, and I’m as equally disinterested in everyone else’s moves.

That being said, when gay groups and the NAACP issued “travel warnings” about going to Florida, it made me want to go there. The NAACP is 114 years old, and in that time did some amazing and important work. But that time is long over. They defeated the Democrat Party, then became the Democrat Party by embracing the concept of segregation as a bastardized form of tolerance.

They did so for the same reason every group of that sort ultimately shifts from “fighting for equality” to “fighting for equity” and that is money. Equality is what we have – an equal chance to make whatever you can or will with your life – equity is about the outcome. Communism is the ultimate in equity culture – everyone suffers…equally.

Derek is offering less of a critique of the travel advisory than of the NAACP itself. I agree that the organization was once a staunch advocate against actual racism and harm done to Black Americans, particularly during the Jim Crow era and beyond. But their focus and indeed their usefulness evaporated long ago. The group now exists only as a cash machine and an extension of the DNC, no matter how poorly the Democrats’ policies have served Black citizens.

Derek also correctly points out that groups like the NAACP and the various gay or transgender activists around the country have been forced to rely on “microaggressions” to supposedly prove their claims of endemic “hate” and “danger” to preferred political groups. Why? Because actual aggressions are few and far between. And most of the “damage” they claim consists of people saying things they disagree with.

But with all of that said, the DNC would be doing everyone a favor if they urged their members to avoid Florid and they should certainly avoid the temptation to move there permanently. In recent years, particularly under the leadership of Ron DeSantis, Florida has made large strides in expanding not only opportunities but its population. That’s great, but it comes with an obvious danger.

We’ve seen it happen in other states and Florida has to find a way to avoid the same trap. When a state establishes solid conservative policies and principles and the result is a thriving economy, the last thing you need is to have an army of liberals moving there. They will seek to take advantage of all of the opportunities being offered but then begin voting for liberals, slowly turning their new home into the sort of craphole they fled in the first place. So if all of our liberal Democratic friends are interested in some unsolicited travel advice, here’s something to consider. Move to San Francisco or Chicago. You’ll meet tons of people just like you. And if you stay off the streets after dark, you might even avoid being mugged… or worse.

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