San Fran Mayor unveils plan to end transgender homelessness

San Fran Mayor unveils plan to end transgender homelessness
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San Francisco Mayor London Breed isn’t up for reelection until next year, but she’s clearly trying to score some points with her base on the far left well in advance. That’s likely because she’s recently been saying some very unprogressive things about beefing up the city’s police force and getting the crime rates under control. To counter such stories, she’s pushing for a new plan to help the homeless, which is a problem that’s always in need of attention. But she’s not going to be spending millions of dollars to help all of the homeless in the City by the Bay. This program is exclusively focused on sheltering the transgender homeless. So break out the popcorn and we’ll see how this flies during the inevitable court challenge to come. (Daily Wire)

San Francisco Democratic Mayor London Breed announced a plan Tuesday to “end transgender homelessness” in the city by 2027.

The plan would direct $6.5 million in the proposed budget to combat homelessness, specifically for people who identify as transgender, according to The Bay Area Reporter, an LGBTQ news outlet.

“Today I announced my 5-year plan to end transgender homelessness in San Francisco, which includes investing in programs that support and create real long-term change in the lives of transgender people,” Breed tweeted.

As the Daily Wire points out, a recent survey indicates that there are approximately 8,000 homeless people in San Francisco on any given night. That number includes nearly 3,000 at-risk women. The total number of transgender people among the homeless was calculated to be around 320.

It’s not that those 320 transgender homeless people are less deserving of help than anyone else. But she’s proposing to spend six and a half million dollars to house 320 people while not making the program available to the more than 7,500 other people without a roof over their heads? It’s difficult to see how anyone would think that a proposal like this would stand up under scrutiny in the courts.

We know this because other progressive proposals to distribute aid based solely on demographics such as race or gender have also been shot down after being challenged. Just as Democrats have failed to make funds and services available based on race, as they tried to do with certain pandemic relief funds, this will fail also. If you’re going to make a taxpayer-funded relief program available, it must be open to all in need, not just a politically favored subset.

Plus, this idea suffers from the same obvious weakness that similar plans such as California’s effort to mandate how many women must be on corporate boards of directors did. We previously pointed out that any of the men on the board could simply declare themselves to be women and meet the minimum requirements. (And how would anyone know unless it was a board staffed entirely by biologists?) When the word gets out on the streets that transgender homeless people will have a fast track to free room and board, all the rest of the homeless people in San Francisco will simply change their pronouns. And what are you going to do then? Challenge whether or not they are genuinely transgender? What are you… some kind of transphobe?

This is just more dumb pandering to the progressive left by people who do not think their policies through. Homelessness is a serious, tragic, endemic problem all across the country, including in California in general and San Francisco specifically. If you want to impress people, come up with a plan to address the issue for all of your homeless residents and make some genuine progress. Since everyone else has failed at the task, if London Breed manages to do it she will likely set herself on a path toward the governorship or even the presidency. But this nonsense plan is going to go down in flames.

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