New Hampshire poll: Biden would lose to Sununu right now

(AP Photo/Mary Schwalm, File)

The rumor mill suggests that Joe Biden has allegedly told Barack Obama that he’s running again in 2024. That’s certainly an optimistic position for Biden to take given the current political climate. (Assuming he remembers that he said it when he gets up today.) But before he finalizes his plans and starts kicking his presidential campaign team into gear, he might want to look at this poll from New Hampshire first. I’m not sure what prompted the New Hampshire Journal to ask this question, but they pitted Biden against Republican Governor Chris Sununu in a hypothetical matchup for the presidency. Biden not only lost to Sununu, but he did so in a landslide. And there were plenty of other questions for Granite State voters, none of which produced any happy news for the current President.

If the 2024 election were held today, and the two candidates for president were Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Chris Sununu, the GOP governor would trounce Biden in New Hampshire 53-36 percent.

That was just one of the many problematic findings for Biden from a new NHJournal poll released Monday night…

“New Hampshire voters are angry and frustrated, and these brutal numbers make clear that in November, they intend to hold President Biden fully accountable for everything, from inflation and a porous border to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars,” said veteran GOP strategist Jim Merrill, who has worked on multiple presidential campaigns in New Hampshire.

That’s rather staggering, though we’re still eons away from the next election. A sitting president would almost have to intentionally try to tank their own numbers to register a 17-point deficit in New Hampshire. But as I said above, those weren’t the only bad numbers being served up.

Respondents were given the standard “right track, wrong track” question in this survey. The “wrong track” choice was the pick by well over a two-to-one margin. (64-23 percent,) People were also asked to consider another serious crisis facing America, such as a war or a new pandemic. Would Joe Biden be “physically and mentally up to the job?” More than half (54 percent) said he would not. To his credit, a bit less than 41% said that they were either “somewhat” or “very” confident that he would be up to the task.

Possibly the worst news for the President comes with his approval rating among independent voters in New Hampshire. He’s underwater by a 34/63 margin. Particularly when you consider the strength of independents in that first primary state, those simply aren’t tenable numbers. The number one issue listed by more than 50% of respondents was “fighting inflation.”

To be fair to Joe Biden, pitting him against the governor isn’t exactly a clean fight. Sununu is pretty popular in New Hampshire. If the matchup were against some other Republican from another state, he might have fared a bit better. Also, while Sununu “hasn’t ruled anything out” in terms of a 2024 presidential run, he also doesn’t seem to be making any solid moves in that direction, either. And Donald Trump really doesn’t like the Governor, so that might shoot a hole in his numbers in the 2024 primary before he even gets out of the gate.