Extinction Rebellions threatens to blow up pipelines, kill politicians

Extinction Rebellions threatens to blow up pipelines, kill politicians
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If you’re not familiar with David Takayoshi Suzuki, he’s a Canadian television presenter who focuses on climate change and other environmental issues. In fact, he’s frequently referred to as the “Godfather of the Canadian environmental movement.” He’s found himself in a bit of hot water, however, following a speech he gave at a rally held by the eco-terrorism group Extinction Rebellion. During his presentation, Suzuki went much further than simply calling for reductions in carbon emissions and more renewable energy. Unless the group’s demands are met, he declared that there would be “pipelines blown up.” Despite apologizing later for remarks that he said were made “out of extreme frustration,” the group he was addressing seized on his words and then went several steps further. (Energy Indepth)

Extinction Rebellion – the radical environmental group funded by American millionaires with a global reach – have reaffirmed their support of eco-terrorism.

This call to violence came after David Suzuki, known as the godfather of the Canadian environmental movement, spoke at a recent Extinction Rebellion rally and called for blowing up pipelines. Suzuki said in a media interview:

“We’re in deep, deep doo-doo. This is what we’re come to. The next stage after this, there are going to be pipelines blown up if our leaders don’t pay attention to what’s going on.”

That was all that the Extinction Rebellion members needed to hear. They quickly issued a press release saying that Suzuki’s words were “a prediction of what is to come.”

Not being satisfied with that, Extinction Rebellion’s National Action & Strategy Coordinator Zain Haq said, “Not only will pipelines be blown up, but we can be certain that world leaders will be put on trial for treason or worse – be killed.”

Haq seemed to realize that he’d stepped far, far over the line, and tried to walk himself back a bit. He attempted to assure everyone that ER’s members are “nonviolent,” but then warned that they “cannot control the actions of those outside of this movement who may commit acts of violence.”

There was a time when the most we usually had to fear from eco-terrorists was people driving metal spikes into trees to injure loggers or destroy their equipment. But now we’ve arrived at the point where they are openly threatening bombings and assassinations. This almost certainly isn’t just bluster, either. We’ve already seen physical attacks on pipelines and construction workers in the United States by supposedly “peaceful” protesters. We’ve even had presidential candidates from the left show up and cheer on their efforts.

But killing world leaders really brings things to another level. Saying things like that in the United States will earn you a visit from the Secret Service. I’m not sure how they handle such matters in Canada, but I assume they have some preventative measures in place.

You might be wondering where groups like Extinction Rebellion get all of the money required to put on such large events and distribute their promotional material. The linked report indicates that they are actually very well funded. They receive millions of dollars in donations from people including Rory Kennedy (daughter of RFK) and Aileen Getty, a descendent of the famous oil tycoon. They have a group of wealthy British millionaires sending them cash across the pond as well.

The feds need to be looking more closely into this group before they end up triggering a major explosion and/or killing someone. As with anything else these days, we need to be following the money. Find out who is funding them and where else that money is winding up. And see who’s been buying explosives lately. Waiting until the Enbridge line in Michigan is going up in flames will be too late.

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