Cop attack suspect released on no bail despite attacking another cop

Cop attack suspect released on no bail despite attacking another cop

Last Sunday, NYPD Officer Kyo Sun Lee was walking on patrol in the Bronx when he was suddenly attacked unprovoked by a man who struck him in the back of the head with a blunt object. Eventually, 38-year-old Isus Thompson was arrested and arraigned for the attack. But at arraignment, Assistant District Attorney Daniel Farrell asked the judge to cut Thomson loose on supervised release without bail, which he was. Given all of the “bail reform” that’s been pushed through in New York City as part of the liberal “empty the jails” movement, you might not find that terribly surprising. But this case has a serious twist to it. The judge was informed that Thompson had previously served part of a five-year sentence in prison for attempting to stab a different NYPD officer to death in 2008, shoving a knife into his abdomen six times. Despite that information, Thompson was set free without bail. And the police are not pleased over this development. (New York Post)

A Bronx prosecutor failed to seek bail for cop-attack suspect Isus Thompson at his arraignment — despite knowing the ex-con had done prison time for stabbing another of New York’s Finest, court records show.

Assistant District Attorney Daniel Farrell told Bronx Criminal Court Judge Audrey Stone on Sunday that Thompson had been convicted of repeatedly stabbing an NYPD cop in 2008 and served time in state prison, a transcript of the proceedings obtained by The Post show.

But Farrell only asked that the 38-year-old ex-con be cut loose on supervised release as Thompson was arraigned on a new charge of slamming another cop in the head — with Stone granting the prosecutor’s request.

This is seriously beyond the pale. Officer Demitrios Raptis, the cop stabbed by Thompson in 2008, described the decision as “insane,” adding that he “could have died that night,” and Kyo Sun Lee could have been killed as well.

Also, as a repeat offender, Thompson is looking at a potentially serious stretch in prison if he’s convicted this time. Doesn’t that make him a flight risk? Or even if he doesn’t hit the road, he’s demonstrated that he’s crazy enough to randomly attack police officers twice now. What’s to stop him from going out and doing it again this week while awaiting trial? No matter which way you look at it, he’s either a flight risk or a risk to public safety. That’s precisely what the bail system was created for and he is not a “non-violent offender.”

While Thompson is indeed a serious problem, perhaps the even greater threat is Assistant District Attorney Daniel Farrell. He’s obviously still following the Democrats’ “bail reform” playbook. Perhaps he didn’t hear about the recent round of elections in New York City where two county District Attorneys on Long Island lost their offices in landslides to a pair of Republicans running on a promise to reverse these bail reform policies. A couple of headlines like this might see Farrell heading for the unemployment line next November as well.

There has definitely been something of a seismic political shift going on in this regard, even in blue, liberal strongholds like New York City. Crime rates are up and people are frightened. They see the jails being used like revolving doors to meet the demands of radical progressive politicians who want to abolish the police and turn the streets over to the gangs. And they aren’t happy about it. The “red wave” we saw in local elections this month may very well be repeated next year and more of these anti-cop activists could well be shown the door.

In the meantime, if you happen to be anywhere near the Bronx, particularly if you’re a cop, you might want to keep an eye out for Isus Thompson. He’s out there and he has a track record proving that he needs to be watched.

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