Minneapolis liberals will console themselves by burning more police precincts

Minneapolis liberals will console themselves by burning more police precincts
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As Ed Morrissey reported yesterday, the outcome of the vote to abolish the police in Minneapolis didn’t go well for the gang of socialists that had been pushing the idea. Ilhan Omar seemed to be particularly hard hit. In another sign that Democrats have been totally misreading the mood of their fellow citizens, it wasn’t just the resolution to change the charter and allow the police department to be “replaced” that failed. The voters took out their frustrations on the City Council, with multiple members who supported the initiative likely to lose their seats. Even those who managed to hang on to their positions will find their power considerably diminished after the voters also chose to implement a “strong mayor” system, giving the executive branch more power to deal with the wild urges of the municipal legislature.

That doesn’t mean that the liberals who want to replace the police with a “public health department” are going to take this beating lying down, though. As our Townhall colleague Spencer Brown revealed yesterday, the loss upset many of the people who have been busily trying to eliminate law enforcement in their city. Some simply moaned about the unfairness of it all and blamed the only logical target for their ire: white people. Others threatened to return to their standard playbook of burning down more police precincts.

“I never would have guessed, standing outside that burning precinct, that all of this would end in people giving the Mayor and MPD their vote of confidence,” said one distraught Minneapolitan.

As a result of the closest thing to direct democracy on the issue of law enforcement in Minneapolis by letting the residents of the city decide the future of policing in their community, anti-police activists threatened more violence in the days ahead.

“See y’all on the barricades,” tweeted one. “Do you want more burned precincts,” he added alluding to the riots that burned the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct in May 2020. “Because this is how you get more burned precincts.”

Seeing these eruptions on social media raises several immediate questions. First of all, where are the Twitter monitors? I have been repeatedly assured that threats of violence are not allowed on Twitter. Isn’t a threat to burn down a police station (an act of arson that could expand to murder if anyone is trapped inside) a threat of violence?

Also, even if that person is using a pseudonym as a Twitter handle, surely we are at the point where law enforcement can track down social media users. Some people in uniform need to be paying that guy a visit. Or is this sort of behavior simply being accepted as “the new normal” in Minneapolis.

The larger problem is that the residents of the Twin Cities need to be doing more than just voting. They need to take their city back. Tuesday’s vote showed that the radicals who have been rioting, setting fires and railing against law enforcement are definitely in the minority. But as long as people sit back and pretend that this is all just “peaceful protesting” and are afraid to speak up and take action, nothing is going to change.

The other alternative is to simply wait until all of the sane people in the area have thrown up their hands and moved to Texas or some other place where they can expect to be able to live safely. That’s a decision that a lot of New York City residents have made over the past couple of years. If it happens in Minneapolis, then the only people left will be the ones who want to burn it down. Good luck with that.

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