Now Indiana is trying to lure away Chicago's unvaccinated police officers

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Earlier this week, we looked at a pitch that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is making to police officers in Chicago who are facing the prospect of losing their jobs if they fail to comply with Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s vaccine mandate. ‘Come to Florida! No judgment!’ And also no vaccine mandate.


But as nice as the weather tends to be in Florida, that’s a long way to move and permanently relocate. Plus they get those pesky hurricanes almost every year. So how about someplace closer? And I mean a lot closer. The state of Indiana is making a similar pitch to Chicago’s exiled police officers, even if they aren’t offering the sort of cash incentives that DeSantis is advertising. What they do have is a more welcoming environment and, perhaps more importantly, a similar lack of a vaccine mandate. One of the state’s two Senators quickly endorsed the idea and offered his help in establishing connections. (Daily Mail)

Indiana is trying to lure disgruntled police officers from neighbouring Illinois where thousands of Chicago city police officers are being punished for not complying with the city’s new Covid-19 vaccination mandate…

Those that don’t follow the mandate risk being suspended and having their pay withheld, leading to an escalating dispute between the city and police union.

But as the argument rages in Chicago, Indiana has looked to capitalise on the dispute by trying to lure CPD officers to the Indiana State Police.

‘Hey Chicago police officers, we’re hiring!’ an Indiana State Police spokesman Sgt. Glen Fifield said in a tweet on Thursday. ‘No vaccine mandate … lower taxes, great schools, welcoming communities.’

From Twitter

Senator Mike Braun quickly got in on the action.


Within a couple of days, Braun updated his followers, saying that his office had already heard from multiple Chicago cops who were interested in the offer.

Indiana might be a preferred destination for the vaccine-hesitant in the Chicago PD. The distance from Chicago to the Indiana border is probably a fairly easy bicycle ride if the weather is good. If you found a precinct that was hiring very close to the border you might just be able to commute without moving. And if you had to go further east or south, it should still be a relatively cheap and easy trip to go back to visit relatives.

Meanwhile, the taxes are indeed lower in Indiana on average and the locals there don’t tend to keep electing the same sort of maniacal Democrats that you get in the Windy City. What’s not to like?

But while many of us are probably getting a good chuckle out of these stories coming out of Florida and Indiana, I find myself sensing something a bit more worrisome taking place. Watching law enforcement officials migrating from liberal states to conservative ones may be a sign of the times. Presumably, there are some liberal police out there who have no problem with Big Government and government mandates over things like vaccines. Perhaps they will be moving from states like Florida and Indiana to Chicago.

Is this the “filtering” effect that some people have speculated about in the past? Will Americans continue to relocate based on their ideological preferences? And dare I ask… is this the first establishment signature of a succession movement? You don’t really need to have a civil war or overthrow the federal government if you just break up the states into places where like-minded people want to be. But given the nature of our federal election system, one “side” is always going to wind up being “the loser” in terms of who controls Congress, the White House, and federal policy. And for them, perhaps maintaining control of one state simply won’t be enough.


As I said, I don’t think we’re anywhere near that stage yet. But it’s still troubling to think about. And if nothing else, it’s a great reminder of Joe Biden’s promise to be the “unity” president and reunite the nation once the Bad Orange Man and his mean tweets were gone. How’s that working out so far, Joe?

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