School Board Association: Sorry about calling parents domestic terrorists

School Board Association: Sorry about calling parents domestic terrorists
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As you may recall, more than a month ago the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent a letter to the Biden administration that cause quite an uproar. They raised the subject of groups of outraged parents showing up at school board meetings and demanding answers about policies involving both the teaching of critical race theory and COVID restrictions such as mask mandates and vaccination requirements. They asked that the White House investigate these incidents as if they were acts of “domestic terrorism” and determine if the parents could be charged under the Patriot Act.

This ludicrous proposal was widely mocked, and rightly so, though not from Jen Psaki’s podium. Still, the pressure appears to have gotten to the NSBA after several weeks of criticism and on Friday they issued an apology for sending the letter in the first place. (National Review)

The National School Boards Association has apologized for a letter that called on the Biden administration to investigate whether alleged threats against school-board members constituted domestic terrorism.

The NSBA Board of Directors apologized in a memorandum to members on Friday. The initial letter, sent on September 29, asked the administration to investigate whether alleged threats to school-board members, over masking policies and “propaganda purporting the false inclusion of critical race theory” in lessons, necessitated federal investigation.

“As you all know, there has been extensive media and other attention recently around our letter to President Biden regarding threats and acts of violence against school board members,” the memorandum states. “On behalf of NSBA, we regret and apologize for this letter. . . . There was no justification for some of the language included in this letter.”

As apologies go, this wasn’t a very good one. You’ll note that they’re not apologizing for the underlying premise of the original letter – that parents somehow shouldn’t be sticking their noses into school policy or have a voice in the curriculum choices. They’re just apologizing for “some of the language.”

I suppose that’s better than nothing, but not by much. That letter was only a public manifestation of a trend that’s been growing on the left for some time now. It’s become increasingly popular among liberals to promote the idea that parents have no role in the education of their own children and should be kept out of all decision-making and be kept in the dark as to what’s going on in the classroom. The idea that they would actually show up at a school board meeting and demand accountability is seen as a threat to those plans.

The reason you didn’t hear any response to the apology from the White House is because the Biden administration has been in on this scheme from the beginning. Additional documents released by the Free Beacon revealed that the NSBA had actually consulted with the White House regarding the wording of the original letter. Also, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland almost immediately ordered the FBI and various U.S. Attorney’s Offices to investigate the NSBA’s claims. This was done despite the fact that the vast majority of those school board meeting incidents did not involve any verifiable threats of violence against anyone. They were just groups of angry parents trying to bring out-of-control school administrations back to some semblance of sanity.

Far more attention should be paid to this evolving situation and both the school boards in question and the Biden administration need to be held accountable. The schools that are attempting to jam critical race theory down the throats of children and unilaterally imposing whatever COVID policies they prefer are only the latest examples of a trend that’s been going on for a while now in the public education system. We have previously seen schools trying to hide “transgender education” from parents, some of which amounted to little more than gay porn. Related school policies about the use of bathrooms and showers or locker rooms were similarly quietly imposed without informing parents. Detailed sex education classes that are far from age-appropriate have shown up in the same fashion.

Underlying all of this badness is the devious way that too many schools are trying to shut parents out of the educational process and hide what they are doing. Sometimes they go as far as to coach children not to talk about such things with their parents after leaving the campus. And do you know who does something like that? Somebody with something to hide.

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