American woman trapped in Kabul beaten by Taliban, begs for help

American woman trapped in Kabul beaten by Taliban, begs for help
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The unknown number of Americans who remain trapped in Afghanistan, unable to reach the airport may not have a face yet, but now they have a voice. It’s the voice of a terrified American woman who managed to place a phone call to the office of Congresswoman Carol Miller (R -West Virginia) pleading for someone to save her life. She’s stuck at an undisclosed location in Kabul with no one to assist her. When she attempted to make her way to the airport gate, Taliban fighters beat her for the “crime” of walking outdoors without a male escort. She is now terrified that they will be coming to her door at any time to kill her. Who will step forward to save this woman and the thousands of other Americans trapped behind enemy lines? (Yahoo News)

An American woman called a US representative and tearfully begged for help getting out of Taliban-run Afghanistan.

Rep. Carol Miller of West Virginia on Saturday posted a recording of the call to Twitter. In the recording, a woman’s voice is heard, wavering and breaking up at times over her own tears.

“Hour by hour, it’s getting more difficult,” she said.

“Even when the cars pass by I feel like they’re gonna stop by that door out there, the Taliban, and they’re gonna come and they’re gonna kill us,” she continued, crying in between words.

It’s going to be painful, but you need to turn on the volume and listen to the recording that the unnamed woman left on the Congresswoman’s voicemail.

As I wrote on Twitter in the midst of feeling a combination of outrage and horror after listening to that recording, this can’t be an insurmountable problem. It simply can’t be. A member of Congress has the name and location of this woman. You can not tell me that a couple of hundred marines couldn’t make their way from the gate to this woman’s door, put some body armor on her and escort her to the airport. They can carry her if they have to.

All it takes is the leadership and initiative to give the order. Our Marines can get the job done and they should be able to mow down any Taliban fighters who attempt to stand in their way. But who will give the order? There’s a very good chance that the military leadership on the ground in Kabul doesn’t even know this woman exists, so the order needs to come from the White House.

Is there anyone even left in charge of the unfolding Afghanistan disaster in Washington? Or has the Biden administration simply drawn an August 31st line in the sand and moved on to other priorities? If Joe Biden can’t summon up the will to simply do his job by protecting vulnerable Americans facing a terrorist horde, perhaps he could be persuaded to grab a huge political victory out of this woman’s distress. This is an opportunity to set an example and be the hero the nation needs at this moment.

If our troops were sent out in battalion strength and brought this woman back riding on their shoulders and loaded her onto a plane it would be a story for the ages. Movies would be made about it. After she is home and recovered from her ordeal, this woman would be doing every cable news show, tearfully thanking Joe Biden for literally saving her life in the face of a monstrosity. You can’t buy that sort of political capital at any price.

Is that the sort of motivation we need to offer the White House in 2021 to simply step up and do the right thing? The Afghan army may be gone, but the American Army is still there in the thousands. We don’t bow down to terrorists and we don’t let them abuse our women. I’ll leave you with a Twitter response I received on this topic that sums it up nicely. If you told our Marines about this woman’s plight they would be breaking down the damn doors of their barracks to go find her and no amount of scumbag Taliban insurgents would stop them.

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