Tennessee congressman on UFOs: There's something out there "we can't handle"

With barely a week left until the anticipated release of a report from the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force to the Senate, media outlets have been chasing down members of Congress at every turn to get their opinions as to what’s going on. This week, TMZ caught up with Congressman Tim Burchett of Tennessee (R) to get his take on the subject. What followed was a rather revelatory interview where Burchett didn’t seem to hold back much of anything. Not only has he been briefed on the UFOs, he has some fairly strong opinions as to what they might be, but perhaps even more importantly, what they are not. He’s also pretty sure that the Pentagon knows a lot more than they’ve been telling anyone, including Congress. Oh, and he’s also not ruling out the non-human intelligence hypothesis. We begin with TMZ’s suggestion that Joe Biden might bring up the question of UFOs with Vladimir Putin. (Mystery Wire)

Congressman, I know right now, with President Biden, when he’s going to speak to Putin he’s going to ask them about the UFO, stuff like that.

Rep. Tim Burchett – (R) TN
I think that’s ridiculous. If the Russians had UFO technology, I mean, they would own us right now, they used to say that they’ve heard people talk about how the Nazis had it in the second world war that they did, they would have won. That is ridiculous. It has to be something that is out of our galaxy, it just has to be if it in fact is real.

Talk about going from a dead stop to full tilt in no time at all. Burchett thinks the idea that they could be Russian technology is “ridiculous” and they have to be “something that is out of our galaxy.” In this next bit, Burchett is asked about why the government doesn’t declassify documents and share them with the public. He expresses his disappointment in that, saying that he really thought Donald Trump would do it. But then he seems to suggest that it’s because there’s something hidden in there that “we can’t handle.”

Hey Congressman, you have always been a straight shooter. It’s been like, I know when it’s been bipartisan, but the one thing I’ve noticed is, it doesn’t matter which President is nobody ever talks about….

Rep. Tim Burchett – (R) TN
They always say they’re gonna do something bad and then they get in office and, and honestly, I thought Trump was gonna do something, though he was gonna release the files. But you know, they release these files are redacted. It’s just a big blob of white out. Clearly, something’s going on that we can’t handle. I mean UFOs were in the Bible. Read Ezekiel, it talks about the wheel flying around. So I mean, they’re, they’ve been around since we’ve been around and somebody needs to come up with some answers.

He goes on from there to say that the Roswell crash was a government coverup and that he believes that all of this information will be made public someday, but we just haven’t had a president yet “with the guts” to open the vault.

While I enjoyed the interview, I find myself a bit uncertain of how it will be received by the public and whether it helps or hurts the cause of disclosure. Burchett isn’t a skeptic or a debunker. Far from it. If anything, he’s a fairly devout believer, but that’s part of the problem. I think the ball has been moved significantly forward by other members of Congress who appear to not have had much interest in the topic until they had an “aha moment” during a classified briefing on UAP. And they answer reporters’ questions in that same tone and fashion.

Burchett, on the other hand, sounds like one of the ufology faithful. He quotes both the Bible and Ancient Aliens with equal ease, talking about government coverups and things from “out of our galaxy.” Now, none of this means that he wrong, mind you. But that’s the sort of approach that gives more skeptical viewers an excuse to roll their eyes and begin to tune out and just assume he’s “one of those people.” Still, I’m grateful that he’s looking for answers. I’m not sure how much information he’s working with because most of the most heavily classified briefings were given to the Intelligence and Armed Forces committees in each chamber. Burchett doesn’t sit on either of those, so it’s impossible to say how much of the classified information he’s been privy to.

In any event, here’s the entire interview so you can judge for yourself. It’s fairly short and was shot out on the street so it won’t take long to look through.