GOP Congressman: Walensky needs to resign from CDC immediately

GOP Congressman: Walensky needs to resign from CDC immediately
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In what was probably one of the most shocking and yet underreported stories in an already topsy-turvy year, we recently received confirmation that the CDC took direct instructions from Randi Weingarten and the American Federation of Teachers when crafting its latest set of guidelines for reopening the nation’s schools as the pandemic eases up. This news essentially cratered whatever remaining credibility the CDC had on this subject, Several people did manage to catch wind of this scandal, however, including North Carolina Congressman Greg Murphy, who is a physician himself. He called these actions by the CDC unconscionable and called for her immediate resignation. (Free Beacon)

Rep. Greg Murphy (R., N.C.) called on Centers for Disease Control director Rochelle Walensky to resign Tuesday after reports surfaced that one of America’s largest teachers’ unions influenced the center’s school reopening guidelines.

“As a practicing physician, I believe that any physician who puts the influence of political organizations before the well-being of our children has violated the Hippocratic Oath and does not belong in public service,” Murphy said in an exclusive statement to the Washington Free Beacon. “These actions are unconscionable, and so I am calling on Dr. Walensky to resign immediately.”

The CDC edited its guidance for reopening schools in response to pressure from the American Federation of Teachers, emails between top officials at the CDC, the union, and the White House show.

Following the meddling by the AFT, the CDC rewrote their recommendations, adding in two provisions that the union demanded almost word for word. If you do a bit of checking into Randi Weingarten’s background you may be shocked to find that she’s not an expert in immunology or virology. She’s not a medical doctor of any type. She got her college degree in labor relations and a JD from Yeshiva University Cardozo School of Law.

What she does have, however, is a top position at the nation’s largest teacher’s union. They raise huge sums of money for Democrats every year, including Joe Biden. So Weingarten obviously gets a seat at the table for anything going on in Joe Biden’s White House. That influential perch apparently gives her the right to overrule the actual doctors and scientists at the CDC. Is it any wonder that Greg Murphy (who, as I said, is an actual doctor) is outraged and wants Rochelle Walensky to be shown the door? None of that matters, apparently, because Walensky not only failed to resign, but appears to be happy as a clam and knows she’s probably fire-proof as long as Biden is in the Oval Office.

As I was writing this article this morning, Walensky was on CNN being interviewed by John Berman. This issue was never brought up. Instead, Berman was joking around with her and cheering the fact that younger teenagers should be able to get vaccinated in the coming weeks. The closest he came was to ask why children at summer camps are supposed to wear masks outdoors. Walensky just repeated the guidelines that had been put out without offering much in the way of any “science” backing up their conclusions. She did manage to toss out a talking point from the World Health Organization, saying “until everyone is safe, no one is safe.”

How much more of this fearmongering are we going to be hearing? Most of these decisions regarding masks and social distancing should be made at the local level, and in some cases they are. But the CDC provides cover to authoritarians who want to keep the mandate train rolling and continue to lock people down in the name of looking like they are “doing something.” This needs to stop. And if any governors or mayors are looking for an excuse to start ignoring the CDC and lifting these mandates, all they need to do is point to Rochelle Walensky.

If Congress wants to do something useful (aside from reprimanding Walensky, which will never happen with the Democrats in the majority) they could get busy passing a bill providing immunity against nuisance COVID lawsuits in both the public and private sectors. COVID isn’t a vengeful god coming to strike everyone down. COVID is a disease. We’ve had diseases for as long as there have been people. And it’s not anyone’s “fault” if you happen to come into contact with a microscopic pathogen that nobody can see and no cloth mask will protect you from.

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