Guess what Maxine Waters requested before going to Minneapolis

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

As Karen recently pointed out, Congresswoman Maxine Waters decided to try “taking it to the streets” (apologies to the Doobie Brothers) in Minnesota, inciting people to further unrest unless Derek Chauvin is found guilty in the killing of George Floyd. She’s received more than a little fully justified pushback over that trip, but the initial reporting missed out on some details that offer context and a glimpse at how sincere Representative Waters is about being “with the people” in this struggle. For example, she wanted to get out there among the “peaceful protesters” and lend her voice to the movement. But as Katie Pavlich pointed out at Townhall, she must have had at least some concerns. Otherwise, why would she have requested a police escort and security personnel?

New documents obtained by Townhall show Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters requested an armed police escort to Minneapolis over the weekend, where she called for violent activists to “stay in the streets” during a protest against law enforcement.

Waters flew from Dulles International Airport to Minnesota-St. Paul International Airport on Saturday, April 17, just days ahead of a verdict in the George Floyd, Officer Derek Chauvin trial.

That night, Waters went to meet with protestors and demanded a guilty verdict for Chauvin “or else.”

“I know this, we’ve got to stay in the streets,” Waters said to a group of activists. “We are looking for a guilty verdict.”

Katie has a photo of the original document requesting a police escort at the link above. There must have been a serious amount of concern about her safety among “her people” out in the streets to justify going to those measures. But she’s never been one to let a little hypocrisy ruin a good show.

Thinking about the total breadth of this story, there really was some remarkably tone-deaf action taking place. Let’s stop for a moment and consider what Waters was really asking of her escort. She wanted armed police to ride along and keep her safe so she could stand out in the streets to call for the incarceration of a police officer and complain about police violence. I can only imagine how thrilled the officers must have been to get tagged for that particular duty.

Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sounds like he’s had about enough of this nonsense.

Lee Zeldin appears to agree.

It remains to be seen how effective Maxine Waters was in her presentation. If Derek Chauvin isn’t convicted of the most serious charges against him (which still seems unlikely) and the streets of the city begin going up in flames and the police come under attack, perhaps she will prove more influential than I would have imagined. After that, however, the congresswoman might find it a bit harder to scrape up uniformed volunteers to serve as her escort in the future.