Liberals try to cancel Hyatt Hotels for hosting CPAC

It took no time at all for liberals to respond to Hyatt Hotels’ decision to host CPAC 2021 with their usual measured, reasonable solutions. The hashtag #BoycottHyatt was trending over the weekend, as activists demanded the cancellation of the hotel chain.

Various members of the angry mob on Twitter managed to somehow blame the attendees at the convention for engaging in the January 6th riot. (Spoiler alert: nearly everyone who broke into the Capitol Building has been arrested at this point. I doubt many, if any of them were at CPAC.)

So how did Hyatt respond? Pretty much the way you’d expect from a major hotel chain. They put out a statement saying that they support the rights of all people to gather and peacefully express their opinions. For some reason, that only seemed to make the angry mob even angrier. (The Blaze)

We take pride in operating a highly inclusive environment and we believe that the facilitation of gatherings is a central element of what we do as a hospitality company. We believe in the right of individuals and organizations to peacefully express their views, independent of the degree to which the perspectives of those hosting meetings and events at our hotels align with ours. Our own values support a culture that is characterized by empathy, respect and diversity of opinions and backgrounds, and we strive to bring this to light through what we do and how we engage with those in our care.

No cancel culture protest such as this one would be complete without a little star power, right? Stepping into the breach once again was Alyssa Milano, promoting conspiracy theories about CPAC and the people gathered there. I’m not expecting any serious fact-checking of her rants to show up in the mainstream media, but who cares about a little thing like that when there are headlines to be garnered? (Daily Wire)

Actress Alyssa Milano has accused conservative organizers of the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) of intentionally setting up the stage to reflect Nazi symbolism.

The left-wing activist also targeted hotel chain Hyatt for hosting the conservative event, and called conservatives in attendance “Nazis.”

In an Instagram post published Saturday, Milano posted side-by-side shots of the CPAC stage and Nazi symbolism known as the Odal Rune.

What everyone is freaking out about is something called the “Odal Rune,” which was apparently a design included with some Nazi symbology. While Milano and her pals are describing it as a “well-known Nazi symbol,” I must be pretty far out of the loop because I’d never heard of it before this week. Here’s one tweet that includes pictures of the rune and the stage just in case you’re as poorly versed in Nazi symbolism as I apparently am.

If you squint your eyes and really want to see something to get upset about, I suppose you could say there’s a similarity. The square stage is set at an angle like a diamond, with two walkways leading offstage behind it. The fact that the walkways extend out in front of the two, large stage backdrops creates a criss-cross of foot traffic routes for speakers. I guess if you’re the sort of person who can manage to see signs of white supremacy when someone makes an “okay” gesture with their thumb and forefinger, you can probably see an Odal Rune in that stage design.

This was inevitable, I suppose. Hyatt is too big and too well established to be taken down by something like this, but there is no end in sight of liberals trying to cancel anyone or any business that dares engage with people with whom they disagree. The problem is, the longer you continue to cry wolf at every perceived affront or enemy, the more people start to simply ignore you. Of course, with Donald Trump out of office, these people have to find reasons to be outraged wherever they can, I suppose.