Worst governor in America prioritizes drug addicts over seniors for vaccines

The latest news about COVID vaccine distribution in New York State didn’t reach me via cable news or the major papers. Instead, I first saw Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R NY-21) tweeting about it last night. To say the least, she really wasn’t being very subtle about it.


The Worst Governor in America streak continues …

This time prioritizing vaccines for drug addicts over tens of thousands of seniors who have been home bound since the start of the pandemic.

An absolute disgrace

Don’t hold back and beat around the bush, Congresswoman. Tell us how you really feel.

I suppose we should get the details of the story out of the way. The New York Post covered this curious decision from the Worst Governor in America yesterday.

Recovering addicts in residential rehab facilities will be among those vaccinated against the coronavirus this week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo obliquely revealed Monday.

During a virtual news conference in Albany, Cuomo said the state was expecting to receive a combined 259,000 doses of Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.

In addition to urgent care center employees and “individuals who are administering the COVID-19 vaccines, for obvious reasons,” Cuomo said that shots would be given to residents of “OASAS” — the state Office of Addiction Services and Supports.


Cuomo’s reasoning for this decision makes sense on the surface if you’re only looking at it from a progressive, political point of view. Addicts tend to be economically disadvantaged for the most part (though there are obvious exceptions, particularly among celebrities) and these issues disproportionately affect persons of color. That makes for a great talking point in Democratic circles.

But at the same time, Stefanik is pointing out something that should have been blindingly obvious. Many people were expecting the next round of vaccines to go to the oldest residents of the state who are not currently in nursing homes. (The nursing homes were covered in the first round.) Prioritizing recovering drug addicts over seniors suddenly makes a lot less sense when you remember that this is Andrew Cuomo we’re talking about.

When you’re the governor who probably killed more senior citizens than all of the serial killers in American history combined by forcing nursing homes to take in potential COVID carriers without requiring testing, let’s just say this isn’t a good look. Cuomo got off to a good start by putting nursing homes at the top of the list for vaccines, but that was already part of the CDC guidance and pretty much every state in the country was doing it. The New York Governor could have upped his game a bit by extending vaccinations to all seniors over the age of 65 or at least the ones whose doctors indicate that they have ongoing medical issues.


Instead, Cuomo decided to make those seniors wait and polish his woke credentials. And one of the congresswomen from his own state called him out on it in a very public way. But why should Cuomo care? He’s the Teflon Don, after all. Nothing seems to ever lay a glove on his political fortunes in the Empire State.

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David Strom 12:40 PM | July 24, 2024