That video of Warnock's wife is really... something

We’ve repeatedly discussed the fact that the oppo file on Reverend Raphael Warnock is about as thick as the Oxford English Dictionary, but even with that as a given, I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the present he wanted to find under his Christmas tree right before the Georgia runoff elections. Last night on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News we were shown police body camera footage of Warnock from an incident that took place earlier this year. Warnock’s former wife accused the Reverend of running over her foot with his car during an argument in the driveway of their home. Warnock cast doubt on the claim, but the wife seemed insistent. She also went on to say that her husband is “a great actor” and he’s able to fool the public easily. Ouch. Let’s start with Tucker’s brief report.

U.S. Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock’s wife told a police officer in March that her husband is “a great actor” and “phenomenal at putting on a really good show,” after Warnock denied her allegations that he deliberately ran over her foot.

The comments could be heard on police body camera footage obtained by Tucker Carlson Tonight. They revolved around a domestic dispute between Warnock and his wife in early March.

The incident was first reported on by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution right as Warnock was gearing up to run against GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler in what has become a high stakes runoff election that will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate.

The wife’s allegations about Warnock’s character are probably more damning than the accusation of vehicular assault. Saying that a candidate for high office is good at “putting on a show,” is just a slightly nicer way of calling him a phony. But then again, politicians who don’t put on an appealing face for the cameras are few and far between.

With all of that said, though, we should have some serious questions about the details of this incident and not just because it dropped so close to the runoff elections. I’m not one to go out of my way to defend Kelly Loeffler’s opponent, but something here just doesn’t seem to pass the smell test.

Let’s start with the fact that the couple in question were in the midst of a divorce at the time and custody of the children was at stake. People in that situation say all sorts of things. I’m not flatly accusing the wife of fabricating this entirely, but summoning the cops and accusing her soon-to-be ex-husband of vehicular assault seems awfully “convenient” under those circumstances.

Further, as noted by Carlson, the wife was examined after the incident and her foot showed no signs of broken bones, redness or swelling. Granted, it’s not impossible to have a car run over your foot and come away largely unscathed, depending on what sort of shoes you’re wearing, but it’s also far from the most likely outcome. Warnock also seemed rather convincing when he told the police officer that he “barely moved the car.” Maybe his wife is correct and he’s just a really great actor, but he came off as being quite dubious about her accusation.

Let’s say he really did run over her foot. Given the descriptions of the incident given by both Warnock and the wife, it doesn’t sound deliberate, does it? Would a guy gearing up for a Senate race intentionally run over his wife with his kids in the back seat of the car? That strains credulity a bit. So, at worst, you have a domestic spat between a couple heading for divorce and an accidental incident with a car that resulted in no discernable injuries.

As I said at the top, it’s an intriguing story in terms of some testimony about Warnock’s character from someone who should know him better than anyone else. But it sounds suspicious. Also, we’re so close to the election at this point that I have to wonder if it’s going to change anyone’s minds.