Twitter CEO: Yeah, it was probably "wrong" to block the Hunter Biden laptop story

Twitter CEO: Yeah, it was probably "wrong" to block the Hunter Biden laptop story

Hey, do you remember that story about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the sweet deals he made while agreeing to cut “the big guy” in for a piece of the action? No? Oh, then you must have been getting all of your election news from CNN, MSNBC or the social media tech giants. They locked that story down harder than a synagogue in New York City under Bill de Blasio. But now that Blue America seems to feel that the coast is clear and Hunter’s father Joe is safely on his way to the White House, perhaps that sort of media blackout will be coming to an end. As National Review points out, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was pausing for a few moments of reflection during congressional hearings yesterday and considering the possibility that perhaps his outfit shouldn’t have censored everyone trying to discuss the laptop story online.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Tuesday acknowledged that the platform was “wrong” to block a New York Post report about Hunter Biden last month…

Dorsey responded in his opening remarks, explaining that the platform made the decision to block the story in accordance with a 2018 policy against sharing hacked materials.

“We made a quick interpretation using no other evidence that the materials in the article were obtained through hacking, and according to our policy, we blocked them from being spread,” Dorsey testified. “Upon further consideration, we admitted this action was wrong and corrected it within 24 hours.”

We should check and see if that testimony was given under oath because Dorsey was most certainly wrong about “correcting” the decision within 24 hours. The New York Post’s Twitter account was locked for six weeks. And they clearly continued to either flag or shadowban anyone talking about the paper’s article on the younger Biden’s laptop. Their feeble excuse for doing so was that the Post’s original article shouldn’t be entirely blocked, but the first tweet about it had taken place before the policy changed so they still weren’t going to unlock the account unless the Post deleted it. The paper refused to do so until the stalemate finally ended and Twitter caved.

So does this mean that any stories seen as potentially damaging to Sleepy Joe’s reputation will now be allowed to run freely across social media? Possibly, but not because of some new tide of responsibility and transparency at Twitter HQ or Facebook. There is more afoot in this drama than first meets the eye, or so I would wager, anyway.

Isn’t this just what many conservatives were predicting all along? Once liberals felt that the election was safely behind them and that the Bad Orange Man had been defeated, all sorts of things would suddenly be okay to talk about. (Specifically Joe Biden’s China and Ukraine connections and sexual assault accusations against him.) Other things would suddenly become far less important to talk about, including what a “poor job” the government was doing to control the pandemic once Uncle Joe takes office. Of course, any credit for a successful vaccine will be given to the incoming administration, despite all of the development work being rushed through while Donald Trump was in office.

But why allow the Hunter Biden news to flow freely now? Here’s a thought. For many Democrats, Joe Biden was hardly their first choice to be president. But he did serve as a useful vehicle to get Kamala Harris into the Vice Presidency. And do they really want to wait around for four or eight long years before celebrating her “success” in becoming the historic First Female President? Probably not. So if anything were to happen that would gently give Joe Biden a shove toward an early exit, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, right? They could just thank Joe for his service, wish him the best in his retirement years and begin planning Harris’ inaugural gala.

Some of you are no doubt already writing this off as a wacky idea that quickly veers into conspiracy theory territory. But is it really? Time shall tell.

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