Twitter flags Nikki Haley for saying obviously true things

Twitter flags Nikki Haley for saying obviously true things

As with so many stories in politics these days, this one started with a tweet. In this case, it was from former governor and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. Given all of the election fraud stories we’ve been covering for this entire cycle, her comments seemed innocuous enough.

Surprise, surprise. Twitter almost immediately slapped a “disputed” warning label on the tweet. But rather than meekly accepting this next round of censorship, Haley pushed back. She asked why she was singled out for this sort of attention when Ayatollah Khamenei is allowed to tweet out Holocaust denial material. It may come as a surprise to no one that Twitter apparently doesn’t have a policy about denying the Holocaust. But you’re not allowed to tweet about things that actually did happen right here in the United States. (Free Beacon)

Twitter slapped a warning label on a tweet from former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley arguing that “election fraud does happen,” but the social media platform has looked the other way at tweets from Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei denying the Holocaust.

The social media platform placed a “disputed” label on Haley’s statement that “Despite what the media tells us, election fraud does happen, and policies like ballot harvesting and mailing ballots to people who don’t request them makes it easier.” The label links to a series of fact checks that do not address Haley’s claim about ballot harvesting.

On any given day I have CNN on in my den with the sound muted while I work. That way I get to keep an eye on the various story banners they are running and watch the chyron for any breaking news items. Based on that, I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve seen them blasting banners about their fact checks into claims of voting irregularities and how these stories are all false. It’s just fake news generated by Donald Trump and his supporters.

If that’s the case, however, Twitter and cable news outlets might want to explain a few things to us. For example, we already know that multiple people in New York City cast ballots in the names of relatives who are dead and had been for years. Another person on Long Island has already been charged with getting a ballot for his deceased mother. One Mayoral candidate in Texas was arrested last month after requesting literally hundreds of ballots in the names of nursing homes, having them sent to a special Post Office box he set up specifically for that purpose and then filling them all out in his favor and sending them in.

Another guy in New Jersey was arrested after he was found stuffing 900 mail-in ballots into three mailboxes. They had all been altered or replaced with fake ballots. We’ve covered more examples here in the past.

These aren’t wild-eyed allegations made by dubious sources. These are records released by police departments and Boards of Elections. And yet both the MSM and the social media giants want to continue to claim that any allegations about voter fraud are “fake news” and need to be blacked out? Give me a break. These individual cases we’ve discussed here clearly wouldn’t add up to enough votes to flip a presidential race, but the important fact to remember is that these are just the ones who got caught.

Nothing in Nikki Halley’s tweet was even questionable, to say nothing of being dishonest. Everyone who pays attention to such things knew that massive mail-in voting was going to open the door to voter fraud and the cheaters once again didn’t disappoint us. Trying to shut down the voice of someone like Nikki Haley for pointing out these proven facts is the real scandal here.

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David Strom 6:01 AM on June 06, 2023