Case closed. Hunter Biden's business partner confirms the emails are real... and more

Case closed. Hunter Biden's business partner confirms the emails are real... and more

It’s been nine days since the New York Post broke the bombshell story about Hunter Biden’s “business” dealings in China and Joe Biden’s apparent participation in the lucrative engagements his son pursued there. In that time, almost all of the mainstream media has asserted that this was “fake news” that didn’t merit coverage and the largest social platforms have engaged in a blackout of any discussion of the topic. Last night, however, the final nail was driven into the coffin of that effort. One of Hunter Biden’s business partners, Tony Bobulinski, after learning that he would be called before two Senate committees to discuss the matter, released a lengthy statement confirming the validity of the “smoking gun” email. But he included more details than a simple confirmation of receipt. He spoke of Joe Biden’s “eager” participation in the scheme and the fact that he profited from Hunter’s Chinese activities to the tune of millions of dollars. (NY Post)

The statement Wednesday night asserting that the former vice president was a willing and eager participant in a family scheme to make millions of dollars by partnering with a shady Chinese Communist firm is a singular event in a presidential race already overflowing with drama and intrigue.

The dynamite assertion, believable because it aligns with earlier information we know to be true, came in a statement by Tony Bobulinski, who describes himself as a former partner of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and Joe’s brother Jim in the China scheme. Bobulinski unloads his bill of accusations in blunt but precise language and detail.

He confirms that he was one of the recipients of the May 13, 2017, e-mail published by The Post eight days ago. That e-mail, from another partner in the group, laid out cash and equity positions and mysteriously included a 10 percent set-aside for “the big guy.”

As the Post’s Michael Goodwin points out, this admission puts the lie to Biden’s repeated claims that he knew nothing of his son’s many, lucrative international schemes, and never discussed them with him. As Bobulinski describes the situation, Joe Biden was an active player in these games and he had his hand out. The 10% setaside for “the big guy” was the money in at least one deal that was going straight to Joe Biden.

Bobulinski appears to be the person that Hunter Biden and his friends brought in to lend an aura of competence to their firm. His background in the military, nuclear energy and international finance lent plenty of credibility and was likely the reason he was made CEO, while Hunter was qualified for… basically nothing. But it didn’t work out as well for the CEO as it might have. He describes how the Bidens (plural) had “gone behind my back and gotten paid millions of dollars by the Chinese, even though they told me they hadn’t and wouldn’t do that to their partners.” He also describes how Hunter Biden “wanted to use the company as his personal piggy bank by just taking money out of it as soon as it came from the Chinese.”

We should all be directing a few simple questions at CNN, NBC News, The New York Times and all the rest of the media powerhouses who have been scolding us about “Russian disinformation” for the past week. Tony Bobulinski was the CEO of Hunter Biden’s firm. He was copied on several of the emails we’ve seen. How hard was it for them to find him and ask him about the legitimacy of the documents? Did anyone even try prior to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security summoning him to testify? If they did, what did Bobulinski tell them? If they didn’t, why not?

This has either been a case of willful ignorance on the part of some of the nation’s most high-profile reporters or a blatant coverup. The result is the same either way. The vaunted guardians of our Freedom of the Press have been engaged in their own disinformation campaign to protect Joe Biden’s candidacy and try to remove a sitting president from office. This isn’t just bad journalism. It’s a conspiracy and should probably be illegal.

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